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October Gardening Tips

  • Even in fall there are lots of annuals to plant: Alyssum, Iceland Poppy, Johnny-Jump Up, Snapdragon and Pansy
  • October is a good time to divide and transplant overgrown clumps of bulbs. Transplant as you would new bulbs
  • Purchase Spring Bulbs now
  • Reduce water for deciduous trees as they begin to go dormant
  • Use clippers to avoid tearing fruit and snip off with a small section of their stems
  • Mulch over the roots of frost tender vines and groundcovers. Replenish mulches so they remain at 2-3 inches
  • October is the last chance to plant winter vegetables
  • Apply frost protective sprays on tender plants once night time temps reach the high 30's
  • Allow Pumpkin and Winter Squash to grow to size and harvest when their stems have turned brown
  • October is a good month to plant a new lawn using cool season grasses like Fescue
  • Fertilize existing lawns
  • Rake up falling autumn leaves to help the lawn “breathe”
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“The garden looks stunningly beautiful and the veggie garden and fruit orchard have yielded delectable goodies this summer. The tomatoes are some of the best we’ve ever eaten anywhere. Truly amazing.” - Michelle