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March Gardening Tips

  • Begin mowing lawns. Be sure mower blades are sharp
  • Inspect and service lawn and garden equipment
  • Fertilize Lawns (mid March or so) - use a moderate nitrogen fertilizer (Ex. 16-0-8) and look for an iron supplement
  • Aerate lawns
  • Irrigation system startup and inspection - look for areas to minimize waste
  • Broadleaf weed control in lawns (air temps between 65-85 degrees F)
  • Crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide application - if you can spare the water
  • Begin looking for early season pests such as aphids and white fly
  • Cut back all Ornamental Grasses
  • See All of Our Gardening Tips

Garden Blog

Irrigation System Start Up Check List

Getting your irrigation system inspected and tuned up for the approaching growing season prolongs its life and also improves efficiency whether or not Sonoma County is in a drought year. Water conservation begins with understanding your watering system especially if it is underground and automated. Read More

Follow Along

Our Follow Us Through a Project page tracks our progress on an ongoing landscape design. Ample photos show all facets of a Gardenworks' creation in the making.

Drought Resources

Every service Gardenworks offers includes water conservation measures. With Northern California once again experiencing serious drought conditions, we've compiled useful drought resources to add to our Water Conservation, Water Management, and Sustainability pages to help you and your garden survive and potentially thrive. [...] Read More


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Fan Mail

“Over the last two years we have worked with Gardenworks on a very complex project in Sebastopol. They have provided a great deal of expertise and professionalism every step of the way. I look forward to having them follow through with the maintenance of the garden estate.” - Robert Trachtenberg, Garden Architecture