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January Gardening Tips

  • Apply dormant spray to bare branched trees, shrubs and roses to control diseases and pests.
  • Clean up leaf litter though out garden and landscape.
  • Prune Winter flowering plants such as Camellias after bloom.
  • Irrigation Controllers should be in the “OFF” Position.
  • Cover exposed water pipes when freeze warnings are posted
  • Remove small weeds before they get established.
  • Dead head (remove spent bloom and bloom spikes) perennials if not done yet.
  • Clean dead leaves and debris away from dormant perennials
  • Divide dormant perennials and transplant to other areas of the garden.
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Follow Along

Our Follow Us Through a Project page tracks our progress on an ongoing landscape design. Ample photos show all facets of a Gardenworks' creation in the making.

Garden Blog

Planting for "POP"

Few plants rate as high for instant “pop” or curb appeal than Berberis thunbergii ‘Aurea’ or Golden Japanese Barberry. This deciduous small shrub from Japan is a people stopper when planted in a front yard. Vivid bright golden yellow leaves are enough to stop someone in their tracks to don sunglasses on a clear day in early spring. The leaf color is carried though the entire growing season but does fade to a more chartreuse color. This well behaved plant grows to about 3′ tall and as wide and is often called a barrier plant because of the sharp spines up and down all stems..[...] Read More

Drought Resources

Every service Gardenworks offers includes water conservation measures. With Northern California once again experiencing serious drought conditions, we've compiled useful drought resources to add to our Water Conservation, Water Management, and Sustainability pages to help you and your garden survive and potentially thrive. [...] Read More


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Fan Mail

“Gardenworks is a real team player when it comes to getting designs built. We really appreciate working with contractors who ask great questions and truly understand the importance of keeping the design intact with every detail. They are extremely reliable and a pleasure to work with!” - Kate Stickley, Arterra LLP Landscape Architects