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June Gardening Tips

  • Fertilize Annuals and Perennials for early summer. Water in well after application.
  • Clean up fallen citrus fruit and debris to prevent pests. Fertilize with a product specific for citrus. Water in well
  • Early summer is time to apply an organic granular rose and flower fertilizer
  • Complete pruning of spring flowering shrubs.
  • Plant summer edibles and summer annual flowers.
  • Watch for fruit to begin to ripen. Thin fruit to amount desired – extra fruit will only go to waste
  • Control weeds to help reduce drought stress on ornamental plants
  • Remove spent flowers to encourage more blooms
  • Program irrigation controllers for July (our hottest month) and reduce by 20% for June
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Garden Blog

Irrigation System Start Up Check List

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Our Follow Us Through a Project page tracks our progress on an ongoing landscape design. Ample photos show all facets of a Gardenworks' creation in the making.

Drought Resources

Every service Gardenworks offers includes water conservation measures. With Northern California once again experiencing serious drought conditions, we've compiled useful drought resources to add to our Water Conservation, Water Management, and Sustainability pages to help you and your garden survive and potentially thrive. [...] Read More


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