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July Gardening Tips

  • Learn and follow any drought restrictions in place for your community
  • Deeply water all your summer annuals because summer heat can wilt them
  • Fill in bare spaces with summer – fall flowers including Alyssum, Cosmos, Petunia and Zinnia
  • Insect pests proliferate during hot weather. Treat as populations increase to noticeable amounts
  • Fertilize citrus and water in thoroughly
  • Water lawn areas in July 4 days per week, but cut your run times by 20% during the drought
  • Release beneficial predators such as lady beetles to control aphids
  • Drip irrigation systems are an effective method of conserving water during high demand months
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Follow Along

Our Follow Us Through a Project page tracks our progress on an ongoing landscape design. Ample photos show all facets of a Gardenworks' creation in the making.

Garden Blog

"Gardenworks Owner Presents Drought Workshop on Water-Efficient Landscaping"

With the current drought, Drought Tolerant landscaping is becoming critical to meet our water supply constraints. Here in Sonoma county our Mediterranean climate offers a great opportunity to use long established landscaping choices to reduce water use and still create a beautiful and comfortable retreat. These types of gardens need fewer resources, less labor, less time to manage and minimize the effect on the environment all the while creating habitat for wildlife.[...] Read More

Drought Resources

Every service Gardenworks offers includes water conservation measures. With Northern California once again experiencing serious drought conditions, we've compiled useful drought resources to add to our Water Conservation, Water Management, and Sustainability pages to help you and your garden survive and potentially thrive. [...] Read More

Fan Mail

“I went up to St. Helena on Saturday and saw the backyard with the seat wall and arbor finished. The backyard looks just beautiful. Many thanks to both of you.” And later – “I just got back from St. Helena and the backyard gets nicer and nicer as things are growing in. Thank you.” - Susan