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November Gardening Tips

  • Install Winter annuals
  • Still time to buy and plant many different types of bulbs for next Spring's show
  • When applying mulch around trees and woody ornamental plants, allow a 4-6 inch space around the trunk
  • Stop weeds before they germinate with a pre-emergent herbicide
  • Turn off your irrigation controller and or install a rain sensing device to prevent water waste. Water only as needed.
  • Aphids, scale and spider mites may continue to thrive in fall and their honeydew attracts ants
  • If planting towards the end of autumn, make sure to tamp the soil firmly around the roots and water sufficiently
  • Prepare perennials for the upcoming winter by clearing and disposing of dead or diseased branches
  • Replenish mulch to 3 inches in the landscape and in containers to prevent weeds
  • Collect seeds for next year’s supply of summer annuals before digging the plants up
  • Keep Italian Cypress and other dense-leafed shrubs free of debris
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Garden Blog

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Drought Resources

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The path looks fantastic!!! I love the stairs to and from the gates! Kudos to Junior and your crew! I am one happy camper! - Kathy B.