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With decades of experience to our name as a trusted landscape contractor, we’ve helped homeowners in Sonoma County achieve their unique landscaping objectives. Our Gardenworks team have a full-time commitment to achieving exceptional results which shows within each project we complete or undertake. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive maintenance program or design and installation work that will captivate visiting guests, we can provide the solution.

Our assortment of services includes:

  • Landscape Maintenance / Management

Keeping your lawns, shrubs, and gardens in peak condition, we can help you to manage your landscaping and gardening needs to achieve that ideal home appeal. As a respected landscape contractor, we have long-term connections in the Sonoma County community and our maintenance work helps keep the region looking its best each season. We offer affordable rates for year-round maintenance work including appropriate horticultural care, water use efficiency and sustainable approaches.

  • Immaculate Design

Our design team, including a licensed landscape architect, will work with you to review your property and analyze the design features required to meet your objectives for the long-term. We can provide you with a full computer-generated image of the proposed landscape design work before we begin, and help you manage your budget to achieve the ideal results.

  • Captivating Landscape Lighting

Our lighting team works with property owners across Sonoma County to create that idyllic nighttime outdoor environment. Whether the service is desired ambiance, security or to set off architecture and even for a one-off event in the home, Gardenworks is the trusted landscape contractor in Sonoma County for creative and innovative lighting services.

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