Trust a Qualified Landscape Contractor for Landscaping in Santa Rosa

Understanding the Santa Rosa area climate, soils and topography is critical for exceptional landscaping work. As the foremost landscape contractor in Santa Rosa, our team at Gardenworks is known for their exceptional ability to complete high-quality landscaping work to the market’s finest standards. We build refined landscapes designed to reflect the property owner’s unique aesthetic tastes as well as to include the latest in horticultural advances.

Choose Gardenworks, Inc. for:

  • Leading-class Design Work

From the first moment you meet with our team, you’ll see our dedication to creative and functional landscaping design. As the top landscape designer in Santa Rosa, we will provide clear guidance on all the design challenges you face and produce solutions representing the ideal option for your property.

  • Landscape Construction Expertise

We can complete a broad range of landscaping construction projects around your property. From brick and stonework to crafting patios and walkways, decks and arbors, we’ll construct the ideal landscape area for your home. You will work directly with our team to ensure all of your ideas are brought to life within your perfectly crafted outdoor space.

  • Irrigation Pros

Water conservation is critical these days.  We are experts in water use efficiency and will design, install and manage your irrigation system, new or existing, to meet and exceed all local and California standards.  With the current cost of water, no drop should be wasted and we know the right amount of water to apply and when to apply it.

  • Quality Lighting Products

There are many reasons to consider lighting for your home’s exterior spaces. You might be selling your property in the near future and be looking to capture the attention of potential buyers. You may require lighting to provide ideal security around your home in the evening time. Or you might require quality decorative landscape lighting for events taking place on your property throughout the year. Whatever project you have in mind, Gardenworks can provide the lighting strategy.

Trust Gardenworks

Our experts are here to help create the ideal landscape design for your home. To book a consultation with a qualified landscape contractor in Santa Rosa, contact us today!