Winter Landscaping Tips for Sonoma County Homeowners

Winter is an extremely important time for you and your home. While most of the attention goes to spring and summer months, winter allows you to prep for the upcoming year and allows you to get a head start on improving your property. At Gardenworks Inc., our team of professionals is available to help you with your landscaping services in Sonoma County. So, the next time winter comes around, here are several landscaping tips for you to consider.

Tree Inspections

Now is the perfect time to have your trees inspected. Look over the branches and search for dead branches and limbs. Also, if the branches are close to power lines, request to have the tree branches cut down to avoid taking out electrical wiring (because nobody likes being without power during the middle of the winter).

Winter Pruning

When the weather becomes colder, many plants go into a hibernation-like mode – even evergreens. Lower amounts of sunlight, cold soil temperatures, shorter days, frosts and freezes all lower the metabolic processes in plants. So even though you may have more time for garden chores in the winter, be careful pruning evergreen plants as exposing new parts of the plant may lead to cold damage.  Deciduous plants on the other hand (except those that bloom in winter), are in most cases better suited to pruning while their leaves are off as they are in full dormancy. Winter is a good time to prune plants such as roses, fruit trees, berries, shade trees. Typically, plants that bloom in winter can be pruned just after flowering will have finished the winter pruning and can begin with the spring pruning and growing season care.  Garden chores never end!

Clean Gutters

This isn’t even really a landscaping tip, but more of a homeowner’s tip. After the fall, your gutters will be packed with debris. This can lead to water flow problems and roof issues. If not cleaned out, the water can seep back into the roof and cause all sorts of other problems. Due to this, you need to clean out your gutters at least during the winter (if not again during the spring).

At this time, you’ll also want to clean out any storm drains and anything else connected to the water flow from your house.

Get Landscaping Services in Sonoma County Today

To make sure your home is ready for the spring, you want to take advantage of the colder winter months. These are just a few of the different landscaping tips and services in Sonoma County you want to consider. For all your other needs, concerns or questions, make sure to reach out and contact the team at Gardenworks Inc. today.