5 Ways to Landscape Your Sonoma County’s Home Small Yard

Many homeowners do not have a huge yard and have limited space for landscaping. However, you can still have a beautiful yard despite the small size by using these tips from our Sonoma County Gardenworks landscape design team.

Here are five landscaping tips to enhance the looks of a compact yard.

#1 Analyze the Space
The first step in landscaping a small area is to analyze the space available. Do you have any trees or is it an open area? Is the yard symmetrical or asymmetrical? What are the soil characteristics? What is the exposure? All of these are essential questions that can help you create the perfect design for your yard.

#2 Plan Circulation Flow
The next step is to the plan the circulation flow. In a small yard a meandering path will create a sense of a larger space. Do you have any walkways or trees to work around? Do you have any rocky areas or natural boundaries? Gardenworks can help you plan around all of these objects and help you create a beautiful yard within a limited space.

#3 Create Lounge Area
Some areas of your yard are more populated than others, and Gardenworks can help you design a lounge area that allows you to enjoy the view of your yard. These lounge areas can be adjusted year-round, depending on the season. Our landscaping professionals can help you set up the perfect area within the limited space of your yard.

#4 Choose Structural Materials
Building a picturesque landscape area isn’t limited to merely plants but also encompasses materials amenities such as a patio, sidewalk, or furniture. A landscape designer in Sonoma County can help pick out the best choices for your designs.

#5 Choose Your Plants
Narrow plants are a wonderful choice for small spaces, as they significantly enhance the looks of your home without requiring too much upkeep. Beginning with low growing plants up close and planting larger ones further out will create a sense of a larger space. Plants are also a great way to soften the corners of a house and Gardenworks can help you choose the best plants for each season.


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#6 Lighting

Lighting can help with security, circulation and ambiance. Today’s LED fixtures encompass a wide range of designs to fit your taste and landscape styles.


Landscaping small yards can significantly enhance the looks of a home and using a landscape designer in Sonoma County is the perfect solution for all of your outdoor needs. Gardenworks has been in business for over 36 years, and can help you choose the ideal plants and landscaping material for any season. If you wish to learn more, feel free to reach out to us today for more ways to landscape limited areas.