A Quick Guide to Gardenworks’ Landscape Maintenance Services in Sonoma County

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Often, first time homeowners are overwhelmed by the amount of maintenance their landscape needs to remain lush and thriving. This can lead to neglected yards and decreased home values. Proper maintenance, however, can keep that yard looking great.

The following landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County as offered by the team here at Gardenworks, are a cost-effective way to maintain a beautiful yard all-year long.

Turf Management

More commonly associated with golf courses and sports fields, turf management for homes and businesses provides the same level of professional care, assuring a well-manicured and lush lawn. Depending on the current state of your grass, turf management services may include:

  • Regular mowing
  • Grass-cycling – where the newly cut blades are left to decompose and provide nutrients for the lawn as well as reducing green waste headed for the local landfill
  • Edging
  • Irrigation – including regular inspections and adjustments to reduce water use
  • Water management to ensure that the lawn area gets only the water it needs based upon climate, size of the lawn, slope and soil type
  • Pest control – including Integrated Pest Management: a more sustainable approach
  • Weed management
  • Fertilizing – including enhancement of the soil food web which can reduce the amount of fertilizer needed
  • Aeration – a process used to relieve compaction and allow for extra oxygen into the root zone
  • Over seeding and rejuvenation

Ground Cover Management

Grass is just one type of ground cover homeowners in the Sonoma County area can have for their landscaping. Ground cover plays a key role in soil retention, weed control, and visual appeal. Depending on the area’s current flora, ground cover may include:

  • Mulch
  • Meadows
  • Low growing plants

Tree, Shrub, and Vine Management

Well-groomed trees, shrubs, and vines that are appropriately cared for can really make a landscape stand out from the crowd. Properly caring for these types of plants using sound horticultural practices is key to perfecting the overall look of the landscape. When it comes to landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County, trees and shrubs require specialized and regular attention for best results.

Annual and Perennial Color Planting

Seasonal planting is a terrific way to give your landscape vibrant color without committing to a design. Annuals and perennials are both wonderful for providing variety, interest and instant curb appeal to your landscaping.

Irrigation and Drainage

One of the tricks to having a verdant and beautiful landscape is the right amount of water. The irrigation and drainage services here at Gardenworks help homeowners ensure their property is properly irrigated without drowning their plants due to poor drainage or worse poor management.

Integrated Pest Management

Even the most thought out yards can fall prey to pest problems. Integrated pest management techniques, however, can identify and manage, reduce and or eradicate populations based upon more wholesome and lower caustic approaches.

Landscape maintenance can be a complex and time consuming process that many homeowners in Sonoma County simply do not have the time or resources to deal with on their own. The experts at Gardenworks have 40 years of landscaping experience of satisfying clients. To learn more, please contact Gardenworks today!