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7 Ways to Greet El Nino!

The rain has begun trickling in, which means it’s time to get prepared for what we hope (and is hyped) to be a heavy rainy season. Have you created a winter checklist for your garden/landscape to help you save water,...
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Maintenance vs. Management

Maintenance; the process of maintaining or preserving someone or something, or the state of being maintained. Management; the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. So, okay, is it time with the current drought and outdoor water use...
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Drought Tolerant Landscapes: California’s New Norm

7 Principles of Drought Tolerant Landscapes Planning Hydrozoning Efficient Irrigation Practical Turf Areas Soil Improvement Mulching Maintenance and Management Please find below an informative presentation on Drought tolerant Landscapes: California’s New Norm Basic Principles – Drought Tolerant LS

Lawn Conversion

As a fourth year of drought looms ahead for California, managing our landscapes and gardens with less water is now the new normal. Many of us are looking at our thirsty lawns and deciding that it is time to embrace...
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Butterfly Gardens

Nothing heralds the gardening season more than the appearance of butterflies visiting flowers.  The color of their wings rival and sometimes surpass the flowers themselves.  Little brings more enjoyment to a gardener than the site of gossamer wings amongst the...
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Planting for “POP”

Few plants rate as high for instant “pop” or curb appeal than Berberis thunbergii ‘Aurea’ or Golden Japanese Barberry.  This deciduous small shrub from Japan is a people stopper when planted in a front yard.  Vivid bright golden yellow leaves...
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