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How Much Water Does My Landscape Need

This is a commonly asked question for the Gardenworks Inc. team especially during this era of water conservation and water use efficiency.  The current drought has created a lot of tension and concern over outdoor irrigation needs.  The recently updated...
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Its Fall and its Planting Time!

Fall has long been touted as the best time to plant especially if you plan to use native plants. This is especially notable during the current drought emergency. The primary reason behind this notion is that new plants will need...
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Gardenworks Approach to Drought Emergency Regulations

Recently, the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) approved emergency regulations to ensure agencies and state residents increase water conservation.  The regulation has four main components: No runoff allowed from outdoor landscapes to adjacent properties, non-irrigated areas, private and...
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Drought Expected

By now we have all heard, read or seen news accounts of an impending drought in 2014.  Governor Brown declared a drought emergency for California; President Obama visited the Central Valley and water providers up and down the state are...
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Is Drought on Our Horizon?

Landscape Maintenance in a Time of Low Rainfall In Sonoma County we have not had to endure the types of extreme weather folks have suffered through in the Midwest and East coast, but we just experienced the driest year anyone around...
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