From Design to Maintenance and Everything In Between: The Landscaping Services in Healdsburg By Gardenworks

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A healthy landscape requires dedication and effort. Many homeowners often find themselves too busy to properly tend their lawn and gardens. From the initial design to long term maintenance, Gardenworks has helped homeowners achieve the beautiful landscape they have always wanted with the following landscaping services in Healdsburg.

Landscape Design

For 40 years, Gardenworks has helped homeowners all over the area visualize their dream landscapes and make those dreams into a reality. Our experts know what works well in all types of situations, from heavy cover under native Oak Trees to full sun, and can help you utilize your yard to its fullest potential.

Landscape Construction

Flower beds, retaining walls, walkways, patios and more, all add personality to the yard, while allowing the homeowners to let their personal tastes and styles shine proudly.

Landscape Maintenance

Don’t let your yard go to ruin because you don’t have time to properly maintain it. From regular mowing to pruning and beyond, landscape maintenance services keep your yard looking great all season long.

Landscape Lighting

Highlight specimen plants, trees and architecture.  Define paths to protect your family from potential hazards, and help make your property less attractive to thieves and or to your garden’s ambiance with expertly installed landscape lighting.

Water Conservation and Irrigation

Modern technologies and practices now provide homeowners more options for irrigation, that also help reduce water use and wastage. With an expertly designed system, you can have the lush beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted without harming the environment.  Using the right amount of water based upon your property’s micro-climate, slope, soil type, plants and area is one of Gardenworks’ foremost tenets.

Water Features

Fountains and ponds both add a unique quality to your landscape that can boost the curb appeal and resale value of the property. When expertly installed and maintained with professional landscaping services in Healdsburg, water features can last for years to come. They can be water use efficient as well.

Water Management

In an effort to save our clients even more money, we have developed our water management program which places clients on a water budget to reduce overall water use and costs without sacrificing the overall beauty and health of the landscape.

Sustainable Landscaping

Here at Gardenworks, we strive to create environmentally friendly designs and gardens that are less reliant on pesticides or fertilizers to produce beautiful lush plants and yards for years to come.

For 40 years, we have proudly serviced the Healdsburg and surrounding areas with the highest level of customer service.  To learn more about the landscaping services in Healdsburg, or to request a consultation, please contact Gardenworks today.