How Partnering with a Landscape Designer/Consultant in Sonoma County Can Prevent Invasive Fungi

Lawn care maintenance is essential for a healthy lawn and using an experienced and knowledgeable landscape designer/consultant in Sonoma County can prevent fungal lawn infections and more. Invasive fungi or bacteria typically occur due to over-watering or using a fertilizer that has too much nitrogen. Even heavy rain can lead to lawn fungal infections, which will ultimately kill the grass (it usually occurs in a circular pattern). For a pathogen of any type to gain a foothold, three criteria must be met:

The correct environment – such as soggy soils, warm humidity, cool moist nights

The pathogen – be it fungal, bacterial disease or even weed seeds

A host – cool season turfgrass


A landscape designer/consultant in Sonoma County from Gardenworks can help you maintain a vibrant and healthy lawn. Here are just a couple tips and ways that you can prevent invasive fungi from taking over your yard.

  • Always Remain Vigilant

Understanding the different types of grass in your yard is the first step in preventing fungi from developing in your lawn. For example, does your grass usually have a dark green color but it is beginning to turn yellow or light green? These can be the first signs of a fungal infection. Contacting a landscape designer/consultant in Sonoma County can help you understand and treat the infected grass and prevent it from spreading to other areas.  Our licensed and qualified lawn care experts will use a sustainability best management practices approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to identify the issue/problem.  Depending upon the severity of the outbreak, our experts may simply recommend an adjustment to the irrigation schedule, a different fertilizer and or application schedule or treat any infected areas with fungicide, as it is specially designed to eliminate invasive fungi in lawns.

  • Examine Individual Blades

Another important way to identify invasive lawn fungi is to examine each blade of grass. Any discoloration is a common symptom of a lawn fungal infection. For example, dust-like particles of yellow, gray, brown, black, or white coloring can indicate that your lawn is infected with a fungal mold. These discolorations can spread between blades, and it is essential that your yard receives treatment before the fungi become even more widespread. Fungi can also spread into the roots and cause the root systems to become excessively soft and moist.

Let Gardenworks Help

The best way to prevent invasive fungi from taking over your yard is through the use of preventative measures. Our team at Gardenworks is an award-winning landscape design/installation and management company in Sonoma County that has been in business for 40 years. We can prevent the vast majority of lawn infections by appropriate irrigation scheduling and proper fertilizer applications using the right material at the right time of year, and we will routinely check your lawn and maintain it on a regular basis. If you wish to learn more, feel free to contact us for more lawn care tips and services.