Landscaping Services Offered by Gardenworks

Landscaping Services Offered by Gardenworks

Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your current landscaping looking or you simply want general maintenance performed, Gardenworks, Inc. can help.

So before you make any decisions on your next lawn care and landscaping services, make sure to look into all the different landscaping services in Healdsburg offered by Gardenworks.

  1. Sustainable Landscaping

If you’re interested in going green with your landscaping, talk to Gardenworks about the different sustainable landscaping ideas and methods available. The landscaping is both functional and cost efficient.

  1. Water Management

Taking care of coy ponds, water installation and other configurations is time consuming. If you don’t have the time to take care of all of this yourself, the water management services offered by Gardenworks is available.

  1. Water Features and Water Conservation

From installing waterfalls and ponds to helping you cutting down on the amount of water you use (and irrigation services), there are a host of options available to you. It just comes down to what you’re interested in and the kind of water features (or lack thereof) you want inside of your property.

  1. Landscape Lighting

You need to take advantage of the exterior of your property. Outdoor living spaces are not only beautiful but functional as well. Landscape lighting helps extend the length of time you can enjoy your landscaping to 24 hours a day. From patio lighting to fixtures installed throughout the entirety of the landscape, Gardenworks can help.

  1. Landscape Maintenance

General landscape maintenance can take a considerable amount of time and it is something you need to stay on top of to make sure your property looks its finest. With the help of professional landscaping services offered by Gardenworks, all of your landscape maintenance can be taken care of.

  1. Landscape Construction

Interested in layered landscaping or additions to your outdoor living space? Gardenworks will work with you to help realize your landscape construction vision.

  1. Landscape Design

There is nothing like beautiful landscaping. Gardenworks provides complete landscape design, so whether you’re interested in basic landscape construction, lighting or an assortment of services, Gardenworks will work with you.


Gardenworks offers a wide range of landscaping services in Healdsburg. From complete landscape construction to maintenance, lighting and water conservation, everything you might need is covered by the landscaping professionals. So, if you’re interested in taking your landscaping appearance to the next level, reach out and contact Gardenworks, Inc. today.