Look at Your Landscaping in Healdsburg as an Investment

Landscaping services in Healdsburg are able to help homeowners accomplish much more than just creating a garden or landscaped area. Your landscaped areas add the same level of décor to the outside of your home as your drapes and furniture does for the inside. While the home itself is the focal point for how people see your property, it’s often the accents and the landscaping that increase a property’s curb appeal.

Include Landscaping In Your Annual Budget

To make your home truly stand out, you must think of your landscaping as an investment. Each year, include a small amount of money in your budget to be used for landscaping. This can mean adding new flowers or foliage or making simple repairs. If you don’t have time to care for the area yourself, hire a reputable landscaper to visit your home on a regular basis, maybe two or three times a year. This will keep your gardens looking well kept and neat.

Assess the Value It Adds To Your Home

When you look at the overall scheme of things, the value of your home depends on how much time and effort you put into it as well as its curb appeal. Take a close look at your home from the street. Is everything in place? Are all of your plants alive and thriving? If your landscaped areas are beginning to suffer from lack of attention, it can make your home look run down and uncared for. Take some time and liven up your garden areas so they show off the beautiful features of your home.

Proper Maintenance Is A Must

Proper maintenance on a weekly, bi-weekly or quarterly basis will keep your gardens looking fresh and clean. The landscaper can remove any dead plants and add new ones that bring more color or a new level of depth. Fountains, lighting, and other accents can also be included for a newer, fresher look. Irrigation, fertilizer, pruning and weeding schedules are important to set and manage throughout the year and in return maintain your property values.

Why Gardenworks?

Gardenworks is well known throughout the area for its helpful staff and willingness to help customers bring their gardens to life. As one of the most reputable landscaping services in Healdsburg, our staff can show you the importance of investing in your landscaping so that it not only maximizes the value of your home but makes it look its best as well. Get in touch with us today.