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Add Charm to Your Garden with These Natives

There is a wide range of benefits to creating native gardens. Native plants add beauty and character to a garden. Not only do they look aesthetically appealing, but they also require less maintenance, prevent erosion, provide food & shelter for wildlife, and can help reduce air pollution. Here are some hardy natives to consider adding to your garden.

Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia)

This large, evergreen shrub is known for its deep green leathery leaves. Toyon is also known as California Holly or Christmas Berry. It has bright red berries. Mockingbirds, American robins, and cedar waxwings all eat the berries. When cared for properly, Toyon can grow to fairly large sizes very quickly. Its flowers attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies in summer. Many landscape designers use Toyon to naturally stabilize and reinforce slopes.

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California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

The California Poppy (or California Golden Poppy) is California’s state flower. It is a tender perennial grown as an annual. Its visually striking tufts of feathery grey-green leaves and bright orange blooms draw the eye. It is easy to grow, drought-tolerant, and more often than not reseeds itself. Its flowers last throughout the summer.

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Manzanita (Arctostaphylos sp.)

There are many species and varieties of Manzanita. They are a large group of evergreen shrubs of varying widths and heights – from ground-hugging to almost tree-like. Most species have architectural structures. Their deep red bark, white or light pink flowers, and bright green or grey-green leaves add a splash of drama to any landscape.

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Bush Monkey-flower (Diplacus longiflorus )

Bush Monkey-flower (or Sticky Monkey-flower) is a medium-sized perennial. It erupts in tubular, soft golden to orange blooms in the summer, with many hybrids blooming from spring to winter. Its sticky stems and leaves deter insects. The flowers, which are typically light orange, but can also be red or white, attract hummingbirds. There are many cultivars of Bush Monkey-flower.

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Giant Wildrye (Elymus condensatus)

This tall grass is characterized by its broad, bluish blades and frequently grows in clumps. One of the most popular cultivars of Giant Wildrye, ‘Canyon Prince’ is known for its hardiness, distinctive blue-green foliage, and more compact nature. It hails from the Channel Islands.

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California is home to over 18 varieties of Sage that thrive in different parts of the state. Some popular varieties in Southern California are Hummingbird Sage and Cleveland Sage. Hummingbird Sage (Salvia spathacea) is a low-growing perennial. It has fruity fragrant leaves and bright-colored pink flowers that attract hummingbirds (thus the name).

Cleveland Sage (Slavia Cleveland) is known for its aromatic and resinous leaves and flower spikes. They bloom profusely in different colors, ranging from purple to lavender.

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Lemonade Berry (Rhus integrifolia)

This large evergreen shrub is known for its beautiful deep green leathery leaves and pink flowers. It is often used for stabilizing slopes and screening. Local wildlife such as birds and small mammals enjoy feasting on its small red fruits. It is closely related to Sugar Bush (Rhus ovata) and even has the same growth pattern. The Gardenworks team consists of seasoned landscaping professionals with decades of experience in crafting exquisite landscapes. We offer top-notch

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