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The Basic Principles of Landscape Design

Landscape design is a process of creating or developing outdoor living space that is both practical and pleasing. When it comes to landscape design, the principles include the elements of balance, unity, rhythm, sequence and simplicity as they are all elements that apply to form, line, color, and texture. These elements are connected to each other. With a landscape designer in Sonoma County, you can create the outdoor space you have always dreamed of for your home.


Balance is a design principle that is defined in terms of weight. It is the equalization of one area’s visual weight to another in a landscape composition. The two types of balance that exist in landscape design are symmetrical – sometimes called bilateral symmetry – and asymmetrical design, which is an informal balance.


Unity is the harmonious relationship among all the characteristics and elements of a landscape design. A design that has unity is congruous and homogenous. When a landscape design lacks unity, it results in a disorderly and haphazard appearance of the outdoor space. In order to establish unity in design, it is important to make sure that things stay simple and minimize differences.

Rhythm and Sequence

These are principles that describe the dynamic unity or the orderly, related movement implying continuity. Rhythm and sequence are the apparent flow of textures, lines, and colors that express a sensation of motion rather than expressing confusion. They characterize continuity and connection from one part of the landscape design to another. They are what bring the components together and ensure that the design comes together.


This is actually one of the principles of design and art. Whether you are an experienced landscaper, DIY expert or a beginner, simplicity is one of the most important guidelines you can follow. It is important to keep things simple in the beginning – if necessary, you can do more later. For instance, simplicity in planting would be to pick 2 or 3 colors and repeat them throughout the landscape. It is simple but will still make sure that you get beautiful results.

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