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The Best Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards

Creating a landscape design can seem overwhelming as there are various factors at play. You need to determine your needs and wants, find a focal point, and consider your location. Once you have developed an in-depth understanding of different dynamics at play, you can start exploring landscaping ideas.

Here are some trending landscaping ideas.

High-Style Hacienda Courtyard

Use contrasting brown hues and add trim to define the entry point. Use window moldings and splashes of colors in the stair and flower bed tiles to bring a classy and sophisticated Spanish flair to your exterior.

Rosy Cottage-Like Landscape

Make a statement with floral favorites such as lady mantle, pink roses, and sage catmint. These brightly colored and brilliantly patterned flowers will add personality to your garden and yard.

Terraced Landscaping

Landscaping a steep yard can prove to be an uphill battle. Keep things simple. Instead of rushing things, take it one step at a time by creating terraced levels that can be treated as separate beds. This useful trick will simplify things.

Foliage for the Walkway

Gray and blacktop concrete entryways are passé. A stone-color walkway will give your front entrance a natural and neat appearance. To add visual interest, use a range of foliage, seasonal colors, and textures.

Extend Your Porch

An extended porch will make your front entrance feel fresher and more welcoming. Plus, it will add more privacy to your interior. Many landscape designers in Sonoma County place potted plants and outdoor furniture to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area.

Add a Waterfall

A waterfall has many benefits. A rock-lined waterfall will help create a soothing and relaxing environment. Add perennials and annuals to create a lush, mountainous look.

Desert Landscaping

Don’t have enough time to care for a large garden? For a low-maintenance yard, plant cacti and succulents. Graystones in your gravel yard will make your plants stand out against the stand-colored rocks.

Make a Statement With Lighting

Use light fixtures that match the architectural style of your home to illuminate the entryway. Choose a lamp color that blends with your home’s exterior.

A Pair of Pergolas

Place a pair of pergolas at the entry to add architectural interest and make the entrance look and feel more welcoming. Roses intertwined in the trellises will draw the eye.

Add a Level

Want to provide easy access from the driveway? Add steps at the corner of the yard. The added level between the street and the porch step will even out the slight incline.

Gardenworks Inc. is a leading landscape designer in Sonoma County. We are a team of self-driven and thorough professionals. To discuss your landscaping ideas, call us at (707) 857-2050.


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