Residential Landscape Maintenance Services

Residential Landscape Maintenance Services

Between the long hours you put in at work to time spent with family and friends, chances are your lawn maintenance is not high on your personal to do list. Kicking back and relaxing when you do have a few minutes to spare can help recharge the batteries, but it won’t help you with your lawn and landscaping. Instead of taking time away from your busy schedule, why not bring in professional landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County?

This way, you can enjoy a few more hours while your curb appeal is maintained and improved upon. With the help of Gardenworks Inc., your landscaping will continuously look spectacular. 

  • Basic Lawn care

Sometimes you don’t want anything out of the ordinary or over the top with your landscaping. Perhaps you just want to maintain it, keep the grass green and all the vegetation alive and thriving. When attempting to do this on your own it can take a surprising amount of time and effort. Plus, sometimes having a green thumb just doesn’t run in the family. You don’t need anything extravagant to require lawn care services, so set up your regularly scheduled lawn care and landscaping services to maintain your current landscape.

  • Help and Tips

Have you ever tried to plant a tree, bush or certain flower and it just didn’t fare well at all? There are many reasons behind this. From sunlight levels to the amount of water it received (and even the chemical makeup within the water and soil of your home), so much can go wrong in trying to develop and cultivate your own landscape.

With the help of Gardenworks, you’ll receive the very best help and tips on what to plant on your property and where. This way, everything can grow and thrive, which in turn gives you a truly spectacular looking lawn. From tips to complete landscaping overhauls, Gardenworks can work with you and your property.

Our Company Gardenworks

Whether you’re simply looking to maintain the lawn or you have plans for an entirely new look, the landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County can quickly and effortlessly help you reach your goals. So no matter the size of your property or what you’re looking at having done, Gardenworks, Inc. is here for you. If you’re ready to take your landscaping to the next level, while you enjoy life to the fullest, contact the landscape professionals today.