The Beautiful Styles of Slate Walkways Provided by Landscaping Services in Healdsburg

A slate walkway done by our landscaping services and professionals in Healdsburg is one of the most elegant and stylized ways to improve the looks of your home. Slate walkways come in many unique styles and is a natural stone product. Slate is easy to maintain and is highly durable for nearly any climate.

Here are the four most popular styles of slate available.

  1. African Slate
    African slate offers bold color variations that include deep shades of blue, tan, orange, and gray. African slate is a great design choice if you are interested in sharp contrasts that enhance the beauty of your landscape. Using landscaping services in Healdsburg can help you find the right color that matches with the style of your home.
  2. Brazilian Slate
    Another popular design choice is the Brazilian slate, as it primarily comes in different shades of black and gray. Brazilian slate is also available in other colors, and the shades vary with each piece. Brazilian slate is an excellent choice in a traditional home setting for a patio or porch.
  3. Chinese & Indian Slate
    If you are more interested in exotic colors, Chinese and Indian slate is a great option. However, this type of slate is typically softer than the other styles of slate. Chinese and Indian slate is better suited in areas that receive less foot traffic for maximum durability.
  4. Vermont Slate
    Vermont slate has a smoother finish and fewer variations of color than its Brazilian counterpart. The uniform design offers less contrast and is a great option for a garden walkway. Contacting the professional landscaping services in Healdsburg will help you find the perfect match of Vermont slate for your garden.

3 Types of Slate Finishes You Can Choose

Our Gardenworks team can always help you to select between three distinct slate finishes. The cleft slate finish remains rough and provides excellent traction. However, it can be uncomfortable to walk on if you are not wearing shoes. The honed slate finish is a great option if you wish for a more natural look that is slightly dull due to being lightly sanded. Finally, the polished slate finish is much rarer and is best suited for indoor use.

If you wish to learn more, feel free to contact our team Gardenworks today.