Tips for Better Landscaping Maintenance in Sonoma County

Tips for Better Landscaping Maintenance in Sonoma County

Beautiful landscaping has a way of bringing people into your property. They walk past and admire the lush greenery and array of plants. Pedestrians marvel at how well kept everything is while those driving by might take notes as to how they want their own landscaping to look. Gardenworks Inc. is here to make sure your landscaping looks as beautiful as possible. From complete transformations to basic upkeep, no job is too small or too big. To make landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County easier, here are a handful of tips to improve landscaping maintenance.


Do you prefer to do some of the mowing yourself? It’s a great workout and can give you the satisfaction of accomplishment when it’s all said and done. With that said, improper mowing can quickly reduce the look of your lawn. For starters, always sharpen your mower blades in the early spring, before you start mowing. This prevents your mower from ripping out grass by the roots. 

Should you mow your own lawn, consider switching the way you push your mower every other time. Mow parallel to the drive one week and then perpendicular the next. This prevents imbedding tire groves into the grass. 

Know Your Soil

Know the soil pH levels. These levels measure the alkalinity and city of the soil, which in turn helps with the amount of water, fertilizer and really everything else you need to know about your lawn. Understanding the pH of your lawn is like having a blueprint for landscaping. Quality landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County will measure your pH level as well. 

Understanding Watering

Even if the landscaping company takes care of all maintenance, it’s still up to you to water the lawn. Do so either early in the morning or late at night.

Gardenworks Inc. Can Help

Maintaining a beautiful lawn instantly gives you exceptional curb appeal. You’ll receive endless compliments while others will ask exactly how you managed to grow such a lush green lawn. What you tell them is up to you, but to make it easier on yourself, you need to take advantage of these different tips for better landscaping maintenance while also contacting the professionals at Gardenworks Inc. No matter the size of your lawn or what you want it to look like, their landscaping professionals are here to transform your lawn into an award-winning display. Contact Gardenworks today!