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Timber Cove Landscape Project

This Gardenworks project in Timber Cove California was designed and overseen by Landscape Architect, Mark W. Bowers at Resource Design in Santa Rosa. The project site is located on the west side of Highway 1, just north of Fort Ross State Park. This project required approval from adjacent homeowners with maintenance easements, the Timber Cove Home Owners Association, PRMD of Sonoma County and a California Coastal permits. The garden features land forms for screening the highway and stacked rock formations, using rock quarried from a nearby site and built by Edwin Hamilton of Edwin Hamilton Stoneworks, a Petaluma stone sculptor with a studio in Penngrove, CA. The walls, anchored with stacked rock formations were inspired by outcroppings found on site and are intended to transition from a natural form to the manmade structure of the entry gates and hand forged bronze strapped columns. The plant material selected by Mr. Bowers is native to California as well as other Mediterranean climates. The project highlights an otherwise non-descript entry point off of HWY 1 to residences down a short coastal road. The organic flow of the project, the artistic stonework, and the natural-looking plant palette lend themselves well to the coastal bluff it is situated above. Drip irrigation is provided by a well, and all of the plants are low-water use types. The irrigation system is governed by a state-of-the-art controller that adjusts daily to weather conditions. This garden is an excellent example of blending in with this unique Northern California coastal landscape.

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