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Sustainable Landscape Design in Sonoma County

Our Sonoma County landscape design team strives to maintain the delicate balance between nature and man. Our sustainable landscape designs encourage birds and beneficial insects to thrive, and we are conscientiously trying to minimize the risk of environmental problems associated with the installation of our fine gardens.

Why Choose Sustainable Landscape Solutions?

The harmful effects of non-sustainable landscape practices are many and include harm to native flora and animal habitats by invasive plants and species, harm to humans from drinking water polluted by runoff from chemicals in toxic pesticides, and harm to all life by over-use of limited natural resources.


Our sustainable landscape design approach focuses on water-wise gardening and drought-tolerant plants that thrive in Sonoma County’s climate, reducing your water usage and helping conserve this precious resource. Sustainable landscape construction requires less upkeep and fewer resources over time, saving you money and allowing you more time to enjoy your outdoor sanctuary.


Contact Gardenworks Inc. to learn how we can help you design a landscape that aligns with the principles of sustainability.


Our Commitment to Sustainability Practices

We're dedicated to creating landscapes that are as sustainable as they are beautiful. We've tailored our practices to incorporate sustainability practices into every phase of landscape design for residential as well as commercial properties, from landscape construction and landscape lighting to design implementation and landscape maintenance.

Water Conservation and Management

Understanding the importance of water conservation, especially in Northern California's drought-prone climate, we've refined our sustainable landscape management services to include advanced water management techniques. Our goal is to preserve this vital natural resource through innovative irrigation systems, drought-tolerant plant selections, and efficient landscape layouts that minimize water use.


Ready to conserve water with a sustainable landscape? Contact us to learn more about our water-efficient designs.

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Our Expertise in Sustainable Landscaping

Our commitment to being a sustainable landscape company goes beyond incorporating best practices. Our team of landscapers and staff hold key certifications in sustainability and conservation. We're continually updating our knowledge and methods to stay at the forefront of sustainable landscape services, ensuring that our projects reflect the latest in environmental stewardship.


Ready for expert sustainable landscaping? Reach out to our certified professionals today.

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