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2022 Water Management Ideas for Commercial Landscapes

Businesses have a responsibility to their communities. A business must act responsibly in a manner that benefits society and should take steps to reduce its negative impacts on the environment. Businesses use hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to maintain their landscapes each year. Usually the bigger the landscape, the more water required. One of the things you can do as a business owner to help the environment is to use water efficiently in your landscape. In fact, most municipalities demand it. Even the State of California requires new landscapes to be water use efficient. Water providers will often mention that commercial landscapes are overwatered by as much as 3-300 times. An overwatered landscape will not only waste money, but also adversely impact the environment and harm plants and hardscape areas. This habit of overwatering eventually results in lower property values, and scrutiny by customers and city officials. Conserving water in your commercial property is a great way to reduce your business carbon footprint and reduce your water bill. Here are some ways to reduce water use without compromising your landscape or sacrificing its beauty.

Use Mulch

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil. Landscaping services in Healdsburg swear by the benefits of organic mulch. It can help conserve soil moisture, improve soil fertility, and suppress weeds. Mulch also minimizes soil compaction and mitigates soil stress. For flat areas, use arbor mulch or compost sourced locally as these materials decompose slowly. Avoid using mulches not produced sustainably. Use rock mulch in areas where you do not plan to do any planting and in areas within 5-8’ from the base of buildings for wildland fire protection.

Use Natives

Adding natives to your garden is a surefire way to save water in it. Native plants are hardy plants. They have adapted to the local climate and need less water to survive. They do not require fertilizers and help prevent erosion and reduce air pollution. Natives also provide shelter and food for wildlife, while helping attract pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and birds to your landscape.

Fix Leaky Pipes

According to the EPA, a 1/32” diameter leak on an outdoor faucet, hose, or emitter can waste more than 6,000 gallons of water every year. Outdoor leaks are difficult to find. Instead of trying to maintain your irrigation system yourself, hire a landscaping service in Healdsburg. A landscape maintenance company will regularly inspect your irrigation system. The team will check your emitters, pipes and hoses for leaks and fix problems in a timely manner.

Install an Automatic-rain Shut Off Device

Adding an automatic rain shutoff device to your irrigation system is one of the most inexpensive ways to save water in your yard. The device tells the irrigation system controller to automatically shut off when a specified amount of rain has fallen, helping you avoid accidentally overwatering your lawn. An automatic rain shut off device typically costs under $200 and can save enough water to pay for itself within a few months. Gardenworks is a leading landscape design company in Healdsburg. We help homeowners and businesses bring their landscaping ideas to life while being mindful of their environmental impact. To learn more, call our office at (707) 857-2050.


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