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3 Signs You Need Landscape Maintenance

You cannot simply design your landscape, install it, and forget it. To keep your landscaping flourishing for years to come, you need to care for and maintain/manage it. Inviting a landscape maintenance company in Santa Rosa to maintain/trim/control your landscape once a year is only a good idea if you are doing the routine upkeep yourself.

If you have your hands full and cannot make time for landscape maintenance, have a professional come at least once every two weeks to perform regular tasks such as trimming, weeding, heavy pruning, hedge work, fertilizing plants and managing the irrigation system. If you have a lawn, weekly service is best as turfgrasses typically grow too quickly in the growing season to be cared for over a fortnight. Care items such as mulching, plant changes or additions and other duties needing larger blocks of labor are usually considered separately and are referred to in the trade as “enhancements”. These are typically written up as proposals for signing and scheduling. You may also encounter “extras” which might include simple repairs to your irrigation system, installation of a pot of annual color plants. Here’s how to tell if your landscape needs maintenance from the experts at Gardenworks.

Patchy Brown Grass

You know your lawn needs maintenance if it is punctuated with large brown spots. Improper or insufficient watering is one of the multiple reasons why grass turns brown. Certain diseases, pests, and weeds can also deprive your grass of nourishment, causing it to turn brown. A professional landscaper can help you identify and combat these issues. After the expert determines the cause of your drying grass, they will come up with a plan to fix brown patches and restore your yard’s luster.

Neighbors Are Talking About Your Yard

Have you heard your neighbors complaining about the appearance of your yard or has someone from your neighborhood told you that your yard has become an eyesore? It's time to seek professional help. Your landscape design may be outdated, or you may have an overgrown landscape. Your landscape maintenance contractor will identify issues and work with you to restore your lawn and or landscape to its former glory.

Yard Still Hasn’t Recovered from Winter

Winter can take a toll on your lawn, the low temperatures can affect the health of shrubs, plants, and grasses. Wind desiccation is a common problem in winter that occurs when shrubs and trees are exposed to cold, dry winds, which draw moisture from their leaves and stems. This causes serious cell damage and can leave plants looking brown. A landscape maintenance company in Santa Rosa can help assess damage winter has caused and reverse it. Are dry grass and brown spots on your landscaping impacting its appeal? Gardenworks can help. We will restore your landscaping to its former glory in the shortest possible time. To make an appointment, call (707) 857-2050.


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