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4 Ways a Landscaping Company Will Help Your Yard Recover from Winter

Winter can be a challenging time for landscaping enthusiasts. Watching cold temperatures adversely impact the health of their lawn can be a traumatizing experience for an outdoor enthusiast. Most grasses go dormant in cold weather. Extreme cold can result in moisture loss causing desiccation. Additionally, cold weather can interrupt the natural flow of nutrients to the roots of grass and plants resulting in their premature death or stunted growth. When winter subsides, a Sonoma County landscaper can help you restore your yard to its former glory. Experienced Sonoma County landscape contractors know a thing or two about landscaping. Here are some tasks that a landscaping expert will perform to help your yard recover after winter.

Brush Clearing

Cold temperatures cause dead leaves, branches, and stalks to fall on the ground. Dead branches and leaves, if not removed in a timely manner, can become impacted into the ground. This increases the risk for diseases. The brush can also smother young plants and compete with them for nutrients. To address these problems, an experienced Sonoma County landscaper removes brush from flowerbeds. Raking up the yard prepares the soil to support new life growth. To deliver sustainable results, expert landscapers thoroughly clear away brush and get rid of existing perennials. After performing a thorough clean-up, the expert adds nutrients to the soil and replants the yard.

Bark Dusting and Mulching

There are many benefits of bark dusting and mulching. These activities go beyond improving the aesthetic appeal of a lawn. Both bark dusting and mulching help regulate the pH level in the soil. Bark dusting and mulching improve the capacity of the soil to retain moisture, heat, and different nutrients. They also help fend off different varieties of weeds that compete with plants for nutrients. An experienced Sonoma County landscaper can help you plan bark dusting and mulching tasks. Some steps that an expert takes to prepare a yard for bark or mulch are:

  1. Pulling the weeds and trimming the edges

  2. Removing debris

  3. Planting large plants

  4. Applying a weed barrier

Getting Rid of Unwanted Elements

Removing turf damaged by disease and salt tops the priority list of an expert landscaper. This helps prevent the spread of deadly diseases. To replenish nutrients in the soil, the expert adds a layer of compost to it.


Pruning is a time-intensive and complicated activity, which is why it makes sense to leave it to an expert. Your landscaper will perform different pruning tasks such as cutting down blackened or damaged stalks and stems, trimming flowering plants and ornamental grasses, cutting diseased branches, and arranging perennials.

There are more benefits to hiring a landscaping company for restoring your lawn after winter than you could imagine. A landscaping expert will perform time-intensive landscaping tasks, helping you focus on more important jobs. Gardenworks Inc. takes the guesswork out of bringing your landscaping back to life. We are a leading Sonoma County landscape contractor. Want to create an inspiring landscape? Our experts will design a lawn that you will love to visit every day. To discuss your landscaping project, call us at (707) 857-2050.


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