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5 Landscaping Trends That Will Make a Splash in 2023

Landscaping technology and techniques are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Stay on top of emerging technologies and trends to ensure you never run out of innovative landscaping ideas.

Do you plan to redesign or revamp your landscape in the near future? Consider these landscaping trends for 2023 that landscapers are seeing rise in popularity in Sonoma County.

Renewed Focus on Foliage

Landscapers in Santa Rosa use outdoor foliage plants to add dimension and character to outdoor living areas. In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of your property, outdoor foliage plants can clean the air, absorb noise, and reduce stress. Some options are coral bells, hosta, canna lily, and elephant ear. You can hide outdoor foliage plants in a pre-existing garden. Alternatively, create a new space dedicated to them. If your garden has wooded areas, plant outdoor foliage plants beneath your trees to create stunningly beautiful woodland. To make a bold statement, create color and contextual contrast.

Landscapers Are Toying with Adding Hardscape to Landscapes

Hardscaping refers to all non-living/man-made design elements in landscaping. A great way to add hardscape to a landscape is to build a concrete pathway or patio in it. A concrete pathway looks stylish. It is low-maintenance and highly durable. Alternatively, create a winding pathway or garden archway or add a water feature to your yard.

Living Walls Are In

A living wall helps improve privacy. It can be used to create a focal point in the landscape. Living walls can also help reduce noise, improve biodiversity, and remove air pollutants. A landscaper near you in Sonoma County can install the main wall and place your plants in the pockets in your wall. Over time, they will grow, covering your wall.

Patterned Patio Tiles Are All the Rage

Many homeowners are opting for patterned patio tiles instead of plain patio covers. These tiles make it look like the patio itself was tiled, helping create a distinctive look. You can opt for contrasting tile colors. If you want to give your outdoor space an ultra-modern vibe, look for tiles that come together to create a distinctive design. Consider building your garden wall around your patio. This is a great way to highlight the tile design.

Edible Plants Are Gaining Popularity

There is a growing trend to mix ornamental and edible plants. Edible plants add a splash of color and texture. They smell great and can be eaten. Some popular edible landscape plants you can add to your garden include amaranth, brambles, and Jerusalem artichokes. Need help designing and building the garden of your dreams? Gardenworks has you covered. Our unparalleled ability to develop customized landscaping solutions sets us apart from other Santa Rosa landscapers. To make an appointment, call (707) 857-2050.


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