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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Landscape Contractor

Proper landscaping can radically transform the look and aesthetic of your home. Proper landscaping can increase the overall value of property and beauty of your outdoor areas.

But how do you choose a landscape contractor that can help turn your dream into reality? We have prepared a variety of tips to help you find a landscaper in Sonoma County who is in line with your landscaping goals.


Doing research and getting information about local landscapers can help you get started in reviewing companies to hire. Doing a thorough analysis and comparing them can help you determine the best fit for your needs. Look for companies with track records of successful projects who have good experience and strong references.

Did You Know?

In California, a contractor’s license is required for landscaping projects where labor and material exceed $500.00.  This is a specialty license under the California Code and is entitled to a C-27 license.

Know The Big Picture

Be sure of your needs and communicate the same to your potential contractor. Be sure that they understand your desires and give them a clear picture of your needs. Making a list of the ‘must haves’ in your landscape will help ensure clarity and make it easy for you to compare companies that will best fit your needs while receiving recommendations from those contractors. You may also want to create a “wish list” of amenities you may consider adding depending upon your budget.


It is important to know how much you want to spend.  Landscaping is expensive and you do not wish to spend time and money on a design you cannot implement.  Beware of one size fits all or vague ideas of cost companies.  Every property is different, and a good contractor will take time to analyse your property to avoid leaving things out that may be needed to complete your dream garden. Estimates should be written, complete, and thorough indicating the phases of the project from demolition and hardscaping to irrigation, planting, and if, included, lighting.  Every aspect of the project should be broken down into specific items, materials, and square footage.

Open Up Your Options

Expand your list of landscape contractors. Different landscapers have diverse specialties. Landscaping companies can be called various names, such as lawn care, landscape maintenance, and landscape design. Make sure to include all these and similar service-providing businesses into your list. Whatever they may be named, always check for these aspects to determine your ideal landscape company.

  1. Fully licensed and insured

  2. History and time the company has been in business

  3. Check the company’s ratings on Better Business Bureau

  4. Local Landscape Association's membership and relations is a plus

  5. Testimony and satisfaction rate of former clients

  6. Proofs such as images, videos from the past projects

Go local

Go local and ask your neighbors, family, and friends who have recently done a landscaping project. Past clients' testimonials and reviews can provide you with a window into how a company does business and treats its customers. You get genuine feedback from someone who was once in your place. People find companies more trustworthy because of these reviews. In case your desired contractor has negative ratings, then investigate the source of these detractors. It is also important to check the license status of any contractor you might work with. This can be done simply through an internet search on the California State Licensing Board’s (CSLB) website.

Communication and Personality Attributes

The most challenging thing about landscaping is making sure that the contractor understands your needs. When you have selected , make sure to interview them. Draw a list of questions keeping your needs in mind. Pay attention to the following when interviewing potential contractors:

  1. Communication should be clear and two-way.

  2. Patience is a virtue, and the contractor should patiently listen to all your desires.

  3. Willingness to accept and act on your ideas or give alternative suggestions

  4. Creativity and innovation

  5. Professionalism


While choosing a Landscape Contractor in Sonoma County can be intimidating and time-consuming, the search is almost always worth it as the right landscaper can make your dreams come to reality. Gardenworks Inc. is an expert landscaping contracting company with experienced and certified technicians and horticulturists. We have decades of experience helping Sonoma County homeowners create their ideal yards. To discuss your landscape project contact us at (707) 857-2050.


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