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6 Tips for Property Curb Appeal

How often when taking a walk through neighborhoods have you noticed unappealing and unattractive or down right neglected yards? Do you find yourself walking a bit faster or looking away or do you stare wondering how something like that can happen? One of the most important components in evaluating property value is curb appeal. Regardless of a for sale sign or not, how a property looks on the outside makes the first impression and can be a determination in appraisals and or bringing interested buyers. A nicely landscaped property is important in making that first impression positive. It should be in everyone’s best interest to maintain and enhance garden areas to aid in a property’s value. Following are 6 quick tips to help with curb appeal. 1) Work on key and strategic areas, focal points if you will. Begin with what people see the most – the front yard or parking and the area that faces the most traffic. Focus on the noticeable areas 2) Evaluate what is already present and should it be kept, enhanced, added to or replaced. Perhaps only a cleanup is needed 3) Positive Impact. Color helps, clear cutting does not 4) Consider maintenance – use water conserving plants with lots of color (flowers or leaves) for long term with maybe seasonal color in small key areas. Plant with mature size in mind. Using native plants to encourage wildlife habitat is a good conversation piece for walk throughs 5) Put yourself in a “passer-bys” shoes - what would you find attractive and in which areas of the property 6) Let your fingers do the typing or ask Siri for sites that display properties with curb appeal – Houzz comes to mind


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