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A Complete Guide to Our Services as Trusted Healdsburg Landscapers

Local landscapers know the weather and soil conditions for their area. Gardenworks Inc., a leading Healdsburglandscapers landscaper, is familiar with the unique requirements in Sonoma County and plants adapted to meet them. Gardenworks provides landscaping, construction and maintenance services for homes and commercial buildings in Sonoma County.

Water and soil conditions

This area’s seasonal rainfall averages 42 inches in a normal year. This keeps the soil moist for growing trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables for about 5 months after which supplemental water may be needed. Healdsburg and the surrounding areas in Northern California also experience drier years when only climate-appropriate, including many native plants, will survive without additional irrigation. Potable water usage is carefully monitored in this region during years of low rainfall. Gardenworks' water management division develops irrigation water budgets and efficient systems, such as drip irrigation and weather-based timers. This approach makes economical use of water. Excess water does not run off onto streets and sidewalks. Timers are set for watering when evaporation is less severe. Roof gutters and drain spouts may be directed to part of the garden to make maximum use of precipitation. The soils in Sonoma County can vary a great deal. Healdsburg is on the Russian River in the Northern California region with soils ideal for growing grapes that produce fine wines.  These soils are easily modified for ornamental plantings.

Landscape design

Nurturing the soil with the right amendment such as compost and a covering of mulch mix is part of the landscape design process. This also involves selecting the right plantings that are easy to maintain while also complementing the architecture of a building. Landscaping with “curb appeal” increases the value of residential and commercial properties. As a local company, Gardenworks' landscapers know what will work in this area to enhance your entire property. This includes walls, patios, walkways, decking, outdoor kitchens, water elements and other hardscape features. We can use computer imaging to show clients the finished product. Our plantings and design concepts are discussed in detail. We also maintain landscaping for residential and commercial buildings. Contact Gardenworks Inc., quality Healdsburg landscapers, at 707-857-2050 for a consultation for improving your home or commercial property.


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