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Can Routine Landscape Maintenance Save You Money

A well-designed landscape is a worthy addition to a property. Not only does a landscape add charm to your home, it can also help create an outdoor entertainment space or relaxation area where you can chill with your loved ones on weekends. Regular landscape maintenance nips problems in the bud keeping your landscape looking great all year round. Maintaining your landscape can be laborious and time-consuming, which is why it's advisable to hire a landscaping maintenance company Santa Rosa to carry out routine maintenance.

Here are some ways in which routine landscape maintenance saves you time and money in the long run.

Prevents Weed Growth

Weeds are unsightly. After they establish themselves, weeds can deprive your plants of vital nutrients, potentially leading to a protracted and agonizing demise. Some parasitic weeds are known to kill plants by attaching to their root systems. Restoring a weed infested garden can be a costly endeavor. During landscape maintenance sessions, your landscaper eradicates weeds and implements measures to prevent their return, eliminating the necessity for costly chemical weed killers.

Pest Control

There are several ways pests can damage your garden. Bugs can chew on different parts of your plants. Some harmful plants can actively pass pathogens to the plants in your garden making them vulnerable to plant diseases. Rats and mice can kill your plants by chewing off their stems. Pest infestation can cause a host of problems. Depending on the nature of damage caused by pests, you may have to replace damaged plants (which will cost you money) and hire a pest control company. Regular maintenance can help prevent and identify pest infestations. While you might overlook indicators of a pest infestation, your landscaping contractor won't. If a pest problem is brewing up, your contractor will proactively address it.

Prevents Plant Diseases

Plant diseases can interfere with life processes in plants, affecting their health. Some plant diseases are very difficult to control and can spread quickly, devastating your garden. Your landscaping contractor can help you identify disease-resistant plants. During landscape maintenance sessions, the professional mulches your yard, prunes plants, promptly removes any diseased flowers or plants, and fertilizes your lawn to ward off plant diseases.

How to Care for Your Garden?

The responsibility to maintain your landscape falls on your contractor and you. Regularly check the health of your plants and avoid overwatering them as it creates a favorable environment for fungal growth. Before using gardening tools, thoroughly clean them as unclean gardening tools can spread diseases from infected plants to healthy ones. Add mulch to your soil and perform necessary tasks such as deadheading, pruning, and thinning your garden plants. Gardenworks is a trusted landscape maintenance company in Santa Rosa. Whether you need help creating a new landscape design or want to improve an existing one, we can help. To learn more, call 707-857-2050.


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