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Fall Landscape Magic

Fall landscapes are best described as the magical and wondrous time between the vitality of summer and the tranquility of winter. It is the time between the greens of the warm season and the transition to the grays and blacks of the cold. In between is when the mystical happens! Scientific reasons abound for why leaves change color. From changes in the amount of daylight plants receive in autumn and winter to the variations in the amount of sugar in individual leaves of different types of trees and other plants, many things impact the color leaves take on as the solstice approaches. Additional affects include the transition that occurs from warm nights to frosty ones and the genetic makeup of plant species to hybrid selections. Any way you get there, the changing of green leaves to yellows, oranges, reds, and purples is pure magic to the eyes and a sensation to behold. Especially if it is happening in your backyard and in your surrounding neighborhood. Many of the clients we serve here at Gardenworks ask us to create garden designs that include trees and other vegetation that will produce the glorious autumnal hues we see in fall so they can capture some of that magic color in their own in their backyard designs. We are always happy to help them indulge in that wonder of the season. Yet blogging about it just doesn't seem to do justice to this magical time of year. Please enjoy the following photos from some of our landscapes and gardens, then go out into yours and breathe in the season.

Happy Holidays to You and Yours


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