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Favorite Perennials for Your Landscape

You should consider hiring a reliable company that offers landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County. This is especially the case when you are looking forward to transforming your garden space into visual heaven. Professionals have a better idea of how things work!

Planting the right perennials can truly transform your residential or commercial landscape, given that you value and care for it. Well, why do perennial flowers matter? Why should you invest in them? Let’s check our facts.

Planting perennial flowers

Perennials are known for their recurrence, that is, they bloom and perform year after year. Depending upon the season of their growth and flowering cycle, each year these flowers can bring a colorful identity to your garden. If you want to invest in flowers with a long-lasting effect, perennials are the ones you should consider. You might want to plant a palette of different colors, flower and foliage shape as well as blooming at different times of the year, which will add loads of interest and conversation to your landscape each year without fail.

However, you must pay attention to the quality of the soil you use in planting them. The soil should be of top-notch quality,rich in organic matter and microbes with a long fertility span. The reason for this is that perennials will live considerably longer. But which flowers to choose? Here is a couple to get you started:


One of the reasons why Sedum is the first perennial that comes to our mind is because of its requirementfor less care afterplanting. Even if the soil is dry, only a sprinkle of water would be enough for these plants to grow. Their resistance to drought scenarios has earned them the name of ‘Stonecrop’. Out of the multiple colors available for these flowers, you may choose any of the following – red, gold, pink, white, and yellow. They also come in varying heights and leaf textures.


Every year, during mid to late summer, these flowers tend to bloom. Although you have to wait for quite a few months every year just to have a glimpse of its perfectly formed petals, we can guarantee you that the wait is rewarded, and is totally worth it! Be ready to dive into the carnival of color and joy with Agastache.

These flowers generally attract butterflies and hummingbirds during the summer season. This certainly adds some extra dimensions to your garden. Agastache are comparatively taller plants, which pose to be perfect backdrops for shorter perennial plants. When it comes to popularity, purple Agastache is the first choice for many. Bearded Iris and Peony are some other popular and high-yielding perennial flowers you may consider planting in your backyard. One big advantage of these flowers is that irrespective of the size of your garden, these flowers look fabulous when taken care of. You can reach out to Gardenworks Inc. at 707-857-2050 for a consultation regarding garden maintenance.


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