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Gardenworks – A Leading Residential Landscape Company in Healdsburg

Healdsburg is a charming city of 11,500 people in Northern California about 70 miles north of San Francisco. This Sonoma County town is located along U.S. Highway 101 where visitors will find many fine wineries offering tours and tasting. Gardenworks Inc. is a leading commercial and residential landscape company based in the Healdsburg area serving all of Sonoma County. Services include:

  1. Landscape architecture/design

  2. Landscape construction

  3. Water management

  4. Landscape maintenanceSustainable landscaping in an area that can experience drought as well as heavy rainfall is our specialty.

Water conservation

Healdsburg has adequate water, according to the city's government website. Nevertheless, the town encourages water conservation for landscaping. Gardenworks' water management specialists have designed irrigation systems for homes and commercial buildings to monitor water use. The company uses "hydrozoning," a practice that groups together plants that have the same water requirements, to conserve water. They set timers based on the needs of different planting groups and check to see that automatic watering systems are working efficiently without using excess water. Runoff into streets is wasteful of this precious resource. It is also unlawful. Gardenworks creates landscaping that allows water to be absorbed into the soil without excessive runoff. Water features can be a small fountain or a waterfall tumbling down natural stone. Each water element is a unique design that blends into the natural setting of the yard.  These are all designed and built to recirculate the same water.


Landscape lighting is important for safety. The right lighting will also beautify any area. An endless variety of lighting options are available to highlight homes, water features, paths and walks, trees and gardens. The correct illumination will give an entirely different look to a home or commercial building at night, adding to its value.   Low voltage LED lighting is all the rage now and will reduce the energy footprint. Gardenworks' landscape architect and designers work with clients to create lighting for buildings during the landscape process. This involves installing the correct equipment when necessary.

Complete constructions

Construction of hardscapes, including rock walls, outdoor kitchens, fences and decking, is can be as much of a part of the landscape process, as well as the planting of trees and shrubs. The finished job will also usually include irrigation, mulching and lighting. Gardenworks will also maintain/manage the grounds gardens and landscapes for residential and commercial buildings. Contact Gardenworks Inc. in Healdsburg at 707-857-2050 for more information on landscaping in Sonoma County.


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