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Gardenworks Landscapers Proudly Serves Healdsburg

January 20th 2017, Healdsburg: Whether you want to design and construct a new landscape around your home or just need to maintain your current garden, trust the experienced garden professionals at Gardenworks. We pride ourselves on being a full-service landscaping company. Gardenworks Healdsburg Landscapers proudly serves the surrounding Sonoma County and has been doing so for more than four decades.

Design ServicesWhether you want a landscape, hardscape or waterscape, our design team will help you find a look that suits both your tastes and your budget. Not only will we give you expert advice on the plants, shrubs and trees best suited for your home, we will also help you with all the other aesthetic elements, such as wood and stone accents. We will also incorporate more practical details into the plan such as drainage, lighting and irrigation systems.

Construction & InstallationThe first step in landscape installation is to locate the existing utilities so that no damage is done to them that disrupts your daily life. Our landscape technicians contact the appropriate governing authorities and recheck the information provided. We then lay out the project with lines of colored paint and or flags. Only then do we break ground. The goal is to make the construction and installation aspects of the job flow as seamlessly as possible.

Ongoing MaintenanceOnce an installation project is finished, Gardenworks can offer landscape management services to our clients. We offer a variety of plans to keep your lawn and associated landscape looking great throughout the year. In addition to completing the normal tasks, such as mowing and trimming, our horticultural experts can also identify and remedy any minor problems before they become major ones. For more information on the services provided by Gardenworks in the Healdsburg Landscapers community, please contact us online at Gardenworks-Inc, or call us directly at 707.857.2050. Remember, Gardenworks proudly serves Healdsburg and all of Sonoma County to meet all of your landscaping needs.


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