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Gardenworks Owner Presents Drought Workshop on Water-Efficient Landscaping

With the current drought, Drought Tolerant landscaping is becoming critical to meet our water supply constraints. Here in Sonoma county our Mediterranean climate offers a great opportunity to use long established landscaping choices to reduce water use and still create a beautiful and comfortable retreat. These types of gardens need fewer resources, less labor, less time to manage and minimize the effect on the environment all the while creating habitat for wildlife. # 1 Saves water For most residents in our region, watering the landscape can take over 50% (often more) of the total water usage. Drought Tolerant landscaping can reduce this use by as much as 50 – 75%. #2 Less Maintenance Aside from occasional pruning and weeding, maintenance is minimal. Watering requirements are low, but should be met with efficient irrigation systems. # 3 No Less Fertilizers or Pesticides Drought-resistant plants, including native ones, are not as prone to pests and diseases as other common ornamental selections. This cuts down on the use of pesticides, which is very beneficial for the environment. Using plants native to our area will cut down and even eliminate the need for chemical supplements. # 4 Pollution Free Many weeds require moist soil. Your drier garden soil will not be as attractive to weeds, cutting back on chemical weed-killers and gas-powered mowers and trimmers. #5 Improve Your Property Value A good drought tolerant landscape can increase the property value of your home which can offset the cost of taking out the water thirsty landscape. What does your current garden say about you? Drought Workshop PowerPoint


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