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How Do I Make My Front Yard Look Nice?

Your front yard is the first thing your guests will notice when they arrive at your house. A well-designed, well-maintained front yard can boost the curb appeal of your property. In addition to improving the appearance of your property, a well-designed front yard can provide shade, improve privacy, and help create a designated place for relaxation.

Your front yard says a lot about you. A well-designed front yard gives the impression that you are a responsible homeowner. A poorly designed and unkempt front yard, on the other hand, will show you in a bad light. Here are some ways Sonoma County landscapers recommend adding curb appeal to your front yard.

Create Shapes With Topiary

Topiary involves clipping shrubs and trees into ornamental shapes. Before clipping the trees and shrubs in your front yard, set topiary goals. Common shrubs for topiary by Sonoma County landscape designers include boxwood, pines, cypresses, and arborvitae. If you are a first-timer, try a simple spiral or peacock topiary shape. Be patient and do not expect a work of art to come to life overnight. As your plants mature, they will eventually begin to take shape. Be sure to trim your topiary regularly or it may grow out of control. Repot your plants every couple of years in fresh pots with fresh soil.

Build a Sensory Space

A sensory space is filled with soothing sounds, textures, and scents. It is designed to delight our senses, including eyes, ears, and noses. A well-designed sensory space can offer visceral experiences that can evoke emotions. To create a sensory space, add scented plants between stepping stones or to the walkways or paths in your front yard. When choosing plant colors, consider their intended purpose. Warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange can promote thoughts and feelings, whereas cool colors such as green, purple, and blue are calming. If you have a spacious front yard, consider building a keyhole garden with a narrow opening into a larger space where you can rest every day after work.

Lay a Gravel Path

Adding a gravel path to your front yard is a great way to create depth and bring structure to it. Gravel is low-maintenance and inexpensive, helps improve drainage, and can prevent weeds. The loud crunching sound that gravel makes underfoot when someone walks on a gravel driveway is an effective burglar deterrent. Follow these steps to create a beautiful gravel path.

  1. Plan out the basic route of your path. Using measuring tools, mark out an even width along your route.

  2. Measure the area of the intended path.

  3. Choose a gravel color and texture.

  4. Dig a trench about a couple of inches deep and line it with landscape fabric.

  5. Edge the trench with rocks or bricks, and add your gravel.

Gardenworks offers world-class landscape design services to businesses and homeowners within Sonoma County. Our unparalleled ability to add character to landscapes sets us apart from other landscaping companies in Sonoma County. To learn more, call (707) 857-2050.


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