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How to Ensure Proper Lighting in Your Garden

From energy-efficient solar-powered lights to attractive electric lighting, from expert solutions from a landscape designer in Sonoma County to wireless connected systems, there is a myriad of options to light up your outdoors. Listed below are a few lighting solutions to brighten up your garden and outside space.

Double up the Glow:

Pair simple string lights with illuminated jars to instantly transform the looks of your garden. Throw in an outdoor dinner table and add a pendant for some more light if you like to further brighten up your entertainment area. 

LED Accent Lights:

The key to brightening your garden is flexibility. Invest in LED exterior accent or uplights that can be easily moved and dimmed to suit the growth of your plants as well as changing seasons. These types of lights are placed at the or near the base of large plants or trees and aimed upwards to highlight branching. You can also add a spotlight or a floodlight to light up your landscape effectively. These lights point downward and create bright areas below them. If placed in a tree these “down” lights can create a moonlight effect and add a different ambience to the garden.

Lighted Stairway:

If your garden has a stairway feature, consider lighting up the steps. This will not only make the stairway safer, especially during night time, but also boost the glam factor of your garden. You can use lights that are recessed into sidewalls so that the risk of anyone tripping can be avoided. Alternately, you can also use night lights such as lighted glass holders that can beautifully emphasise a low-level wall or your staircase.

Light up Water Features:

Another trendy way to add lighting to your garden is to install a simple underwater spotlight right under a water flow. You can also try fiber optics within the water jets in order to put together a magical candlelight effect. You may also randomly throw in a few extra fibers in the base of the pool to make your garden look mesmerizing.

Path Lights and Post Mount Lights:

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to illuminate your garden for years to come, invest in path lights and post mount lights. Path lighting helps create a more welcoming ambience and can be used to illuminate the pathways that crisscross and lead to your garden area. These lights can also be used to frame a specific area in your garden. Post mount lights do an equally good job at lighting up a garden. They are also called pier mount lights, and are ideal for fences, gates and entryways. Install a light or two in the parts of your garden where the family congregates to ensure bright lighting for al fresco dining all year round. Path lights can also add security and safety to dark walks and garden edges

So, what are you waiting for? You can easily and effortlessly upgrade your outdoor space by throwing in a few string lights or soliciting the assistance of a landscape designer in Sonoma County. Contact Gardenworks Inc. at 707-857-2050 for all your landscape maintenance needs.


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