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How to Keep Squirrels Away from Your Garden

As cute as squirrels may seem, they can be a real nuisance in your garden or yard. They do not spare fruits, bird seeds, your veggies, and even chew on the bark of trees. And if that seems bothersome, these pesky creatures can also find their way into crawl spaces and your attic and make for themselves a cozy home. Listed below are a few expert tips from landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County on how to keep squirrels away from your garden.

Remove Anything and Everything that Attracts Them

The smell and sight of fallen nuts, fruit, and seeds lure squirrels to gardens. If you wish to keep them away from your yard or pretty garden, pick up any fallen nuts from beneath trees, and clear any extra food from bird feeders. Also, be sure to cap your trash cans securely to keep squirrels from rummaging the garbage looking for treats.

Use Some Spice to Repel Them

Squirrels love food, but they aren’t a fan of any spicy food! So, if you want to keep your garden free from squirrels, simply sprinkle some black pepper or even cayenne pepper around your garden and property. The squirrels will get a whiff of the spiciness and will scurry away toward the hills! This is an inexpensive and safe remedy that works like a charm.

It is Time to Mulch

If you are combating squirrels in your garden, you certainly have your hands full. Once these tiny creatures make your garden their home, it can be hard to chase them away. If squirrels tend to dig up your bulbs and plants, there is an easy fix that will not backfire. You can mulch around your plants and bulbs. For some reason unknown, squirrels do not like the feel of mulch. So, when you mulch all around your garden bed, it will automatically deter squirrels from entering your garden.

Bring Home a Guard Dog

If you are a pet lover and have been contemplating bringing a dog home, it is the right time to do so. Dogs hate squirrels, and yes, squirrels hate dogs too. If you own a big dog such as Labrador retrievers or Great Pyrenees – you have a squirrel repellent for free! You could also brush your dog, and save all of your dog’s hair, to mulch your bulb bed! Not only will it keep squirrels away, but also works great against slugs!

These simple tips can help you keep squirrels away from your garden. For all of your other garden needs, rely on only the best. Contact Gardenworks Inc. at 707-857-2050 for top-notch landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County.


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