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How to Locate Quality Landscaping Services in Sonoma County

Finding the best landscaping services in Sonoma County requires interviews with professional local companies. You should have some idea of what you need or would like and be looking for further input especially creativity from the landscapers. You will be able to evaluate their ideas based upon several criteria. Some of the qualities to look for include:

  1. A portfolio of their local work

  2. A high level of horticultural expertise

  3. Creative designer

  4. Experienced technicians

  5. Construction background

  6. Maintenance services

  7. Irrigation water management to current State standards

Sustainable landscaping and water Conservation

Gardenworks Inc., a leading Healdsburg area landscaping design and construction Fencing Brisbane company, has an extensive portfolio of commercial and residential design. Water conservation and native plants that are sustainable during drier seasons highlight much of the company's work.  Understanding the Soil, plant and water relationship allows for a much more low impact and site appropriate local landscape Water management is important during the drier years in Northern California. Most of Sonoma County inland from the Pacific Coast is in the Russian River watershed area. The soils here supports many native plants that are adaptable to different weather conditions and garden conditions. Gardenworks has experienced residential and commercial landscape experts who develop irrigation systems that make the best use of water even during drier years.

Construction and maintenance services

Planting shrubs and trees is the easy part of landscape design and process. Walls, fences and other borders are often necessary to separate planting and add to a building's exterior. Gardenworks builds any necessary hardscape features including patio decks and pathways that are part of the design. Lighting is also an important part of landscape design. The right lighting is necessary for safety, and it also adds ambiance and beauty to the surroundings. Grounds must be managed more than maintained. Gardenworks will contract with property owners to take care of the grounds. This involves water management and horticultural duties such as fertilizing , pruning trees and occasionally replacing plants. It may also include keeping public landscaped areas clean.

Schedule a consultationContact Gardenworks for landscaping services in Sonoma County. Speak to our experienced staff of licensed contractors about landscaping your new home or older property that needs a fresh landscape. Call 707-857-2050 for more information.


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