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Landscape Lighting Dos and Don'ts

The benefits of landscape lighting extend beyond simple aesthetics. Landscape lighting can transform an ordinary landscape into a calming retreat or a vibrant oasis. The right lighting for your landscape will highlight its various features while enhancing the décor and increasing your property value.

Lighting can add another dimension to the curb appeal of your property. Contemporary lighting systems are sophisticated enough now to add color for specific events and holidays as well as remote programming and accessibility. It’s no secret that burglars don’t like well-lit homes. Landscape lights are one of the most effective burglar deterrents. Illuminating your front yard and backyard will also help prevent trips, falls, and accidents. When designing a landscape lighting system, abide by best design practices by consulting with experts near you. Here are some landscape lighting dos and don’ts to consider when working with a landscaper.

Do Focus on Lighting Your House First

Your home is the most important part of your property, which is why you should first focus on lighting it. Light your house the right way by choosing lights that accentuate the architectural features of your home while providing the best visibility. Use lighting fixtures to highlight your walls.

Do Take Advantage of Multiple Layers

If you want to create a bright spotlight to illuminate an object such as a topiary or garden statue, position several spotlights at different angles towards it instead of grouping multiple fixtures. This will reveal layers and silhouettes, creating a dramatic effect and increasing its overall appeal.

Do Use Accent Lights

There are several benefits of accent lighting. If used correctly, accent lights will accentuate your decor. You can use accent lights to highlight a focal point. Alternatively, use accent lights to illuminate the dark corners around your yard. Not only will accent lights add to the beauty of your landscape, but they will also keep away potential intruders who look for dark corners to hide.

Don’t Ignore Small or Out-of-Sight Spaces

Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring hidden corners that usually go unnoticed in their landscapes. Intruders can hide in these areas, waiting for the right time to strike. Even snakes and other dangerous creatures prefer dark areas. Lighting these areas will improve your home security.

Don’t Choose the Wrong Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are fast falling out of favor. They are energy intensive and have a short lifespan. No wonder many homeowners prefer LED bulbs that use 1-9 watts instead. Light bulbs with more wattage than required will cause your energy bill to skyrocket and can create an ugly glare when compared to lower wattage bulbs.  LED Bulbs while more expensive, will last for years and offset their initial cost.

Don’t Oversaturate an Area with Light

Avoid grouping too many fixtures in the same area to try and illuminate a space else you will draw more attention to the lights themselves. Intelligent light placement will achieve your desired effect without transforming the lights into a focal point. Keep in mind “light pollution” can be an issue in certain municipalities and for your neighbors, who may enjoy stargazing. Working with a proper lighting professional to design your landscape lighting system will ensure the proper outcome to meet your goals. Gardenworks is a top-rated landscaping company in Healdsburg. We are your go-to team for landscape construction, maintenance, and lighting. We pride ourselves on transforming your backyard into the oasis of your dream. To learn more, call our office at (707) 857-2050.


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