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Landscaping Ideas for Areas Where Lawns Won't Grow

When out and about, how often do you see poor-performing lawn areas? It looks like no matter how much sprinkling, seeding, fertilizing and watering is done, there are certain trouble spots that just refuse to grow? Well, here are some reasons, according to Healdsburg landscapers, why lawns won’t grow; and a few landscaping ideas that you can use in its place.

Why is the Grass in my Lawn Not Growing?

You may be wondering why a specific spot just won’t grow. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Grass growth may stunt if the soil in the areas encounters heavy foot traffic and gets compacted.

  2. Grass needs five to six hours of direct sunlight to grow; so, the shady areas on the side of your home or below your trees are not a good environment to grow grass.

  3. There could be a deeper soil problem taking root below the surface. Grass growth can become restricted if vital nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen are not present or a disease organism is present.

You can get in touch with our professionals to determine the exact problem of why your lawn is not growing in a certain area even if you are regularly watering it.

Ideas You Can Use for the Places Your Lawn Won’t Grow

Regardless of the reason, if you realize your lawn area just won’t grow, don’t lose heart. Here are a few landscape ideas you can put to use to take away from the grass growth issues.

For one, you can cover the area with pebbles and stones, and no one will know any better. It will even look like you intentionally made it look like that. Another way is constructing a patio by laying wood, bricks or cement over the area.

Other options that you can consider are:

  1. Installing artificial turf in the area.

  2. Making a small garden with shrubs or flowers. It is best to opt for perennials as they are low-maintenance, and do not require much effort to grow.

  3. Adding woodchip or arbor mulch for a cleaner look, especially in grassless areas under trees.

  4. Adding a water element, like a fountain or waterfall, to create a focal point and surround it with a rock or desert garden filled with succulents.

If any of these landscape ideas spark your creative side, see to it that you hire our dependable and experienced staff who know what they are doing. Our reliable and reputable team of Healdsburg landscapers will have their own ideas on how to landscape areas where grass won’t grow and thrive. Contact our team at Gardenworks Inc. at 707-857-2050 for more expert ideas.


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