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Low-Maintenance Backyard Landscaping Ideas Without Grass

Grass needs at least ½ to 1½ inches of water every week. Successfully growing lush, green grass can be challenging, especially in areas without an irrigation system. Mowing and other maintenance tasks are highly labor-intensive and performing them regularly can prove to be an uphill battle.

The good news is that there are several other landscaping options, without including grass or high-maintenance plants. These ideas will transform your landscape into a relaxing oasis. You will spend less time maintaining your yard and more time appreciating its beauty. So consider these suggestions from premier Sonoma County landscapers, Gardenworks.

Build a Patio

There are many benefits to patios. A well designed and maintained patio can increase home value and be enjoyed all year round. Many homeowners use their patios to entertain their guests.

If you have always wanted to have an outdoor kitchen area, consider adding a kitchen with a grill, meat smoking station, or fireplace to your patio.

You can customize your patio with different patterns of stamped concrete and a range of paving bricks or natural stones. A well-designed patio is easy to maintain and lasts for years.

If you want to decorate your patio, use potted trees, blooming flowers and plants to add colors and interest to your outdoor area. Use modern outdoor furniture to add style to your patio.


Xeriscaping involves using low-maintenance native and drought-resistant plants, which reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water. All plants are arranged in a pattern designed to save water. Xeriscaping is the perfect solution for property owners who want a low-maintenance landscape. It is extensively used in areas with water restrictions during summer.

Different types of drought-resistant plants, including varieties of Agave (such as glass mountain, Desert Diamond, Desert Love, and Cream Spike) and Agastache flowering plants, are used in xeriscaping.

A well-planned xeriscape yard with different species of drought-tolerant plants will enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, transforming it into the jewel of the neighborhood.

Dry Creek & Stream Beds 

A dry creek bed can be created by lining a gully of trench with stones and edged with plants to mimic a riparian area. A dry creek can help prevent erosion and water damage by providing proper drainage paths.

Follow these steps to build a dry creek:

  1. Route the line of your dry creek. Use ropes or paint to draw the lines

  2. Dig a trench. Do not dispose of the soil you dig up

  3. Spread weed fabric around the trench. Fill it with drainage rocks

  4. After filling the trench completely with drainage rocks, place different-sized river rock boulders on the sides

  5. Fill the dry bed creek with rocks, stones, and pebbles of your choice

Does maintaining your landscape year-round feel like an uphill struggle? Gardenworks Inc. can help. We offer top-notch landscape maintenance services in Sonoma County. We will help you transform your landscape into an oasis of relaxation. To make an appointment, call (707) 857-2050.


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