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Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

After spending weeks researching for the perfect Sonoma County landscape design service provider, you might be mentally exhausted. Maybe you are also heartbroken because of the lack of proper artwork available in your local landscaping outlets. Perhaps they don’t possess the right team required for high-quality service in economical budgets. In that case, you might start looking outside your neighborhood for the best available options.

Well, let us tell you that there are few notable landscaping artists in the Sonoma County region. But out of those small numbers, only the best ones can prescribe you these low-maintenance landscaping ideas that we have mentioned below, for decorating a comparatively smaller yard.

Depending upon the size of the area, you can implement several great techniques to get an amazing makeover of your lawn at a cost-effective price. How can you execute the entire project in lesser amounts of dollars?

Flower Plantation

Flowers are beautiful, and they spread their attractive vibe wherever they grow. For a garden-lover, flowers are a must. Get them planted in tubs or specialized carpets. Allow your small lawn to give a brilliant colorful look. Flowers don’t cost much and if you visit some of the supermarkets, you shall get access to some of the cheapest yet A-Grade plantation tubs. Get them planted, and have a wonderful time in your backyard!

Lay Some Stones

Stones take us to the earthy feeling that our ancestors experienced on open mountain turfs. When you put stones alongside the pathways, it exudes a tasteful charm. Whether you’re expecting guests for your weekend get-together or willing to chill in your backyard while reading your copy of Murakami, strategic stone placement would add glamour to the surroundings.

Plant Small, Rich Variety of Trees

Planting smaller trees can not only bring more greenery around your living area but would also bring in loads of fresh air, and provide you relief during months of the scorching sun. These trees can be found at cheap rates, depending upon the breed you would like to plant. If you are an investment-minded person, maybe the best option for you would be to choose only selected species, and plant them in your backyard. Over time, they would prove to be assets.

If you have some space in your backyard, you may want to experiment with some curtains too. During rains, you can definitely organize a romantic dance session with your partner. The best way to make sure you are planning the right way is to get a consultant at your disposal. For the best services, get in touch with Gardenworks Inc.at707-857-2050. Browse through our services page for more details.


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