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Patio Designs that Synchronize Well With Your Space

Did you know that we spend nearly one-third of our lives in our homes? Yes, we do! Yet, there are many parts of the home that we tend to ignore. One such area is our patios and outdoor areas that while integral parts of every home, are often overlooked. Whether your house has a small balcony or an impressive garden, a little ingenuity can transform your patio into a cozy and bright nook for your entire family to enjoy. Read on for some simple and yet easy-to-implement patio ideas from experts at one of the best landscaping companies.

Bring in some shade using pergolas – Whoever said that your patio has to be dull and drab? Even the most basic concrete slab can be transformed into a snug nook if you have the right patio ideas up your sleeve. One simple way to add color and dimension to your patio is to invest in a simply styled but elegant pergola. You can install it in such a manner that it abuts your house at its roofline for a seamless look. Throw in artsy chairs and colorful cushions to complete the look!

Invest on decorative wall treatment – Most covered patios tend to open up into the yard. But if you would like some privacy, you can achieve that by adding a trellis or a similar decorative element to one of the openings. You could, for instance, install a trellis window that not only adds to the beauty of the space but also makes your nook more private!

Add a firepit – You simply cannot go wrong with a firepit! And who doesn’t love a cozy spot to gather at on a cool evening? Thankfully, adding a firepit to your yard or patio is not an expensive project, and is quite simple to do too! Simply invest in a DIY firepit kit, and instantly transform the look of your patio! When not in use, the fire pit can act as an extra surface that can be used as a serving space!

Add a swinging bed – Rustic and chic furniture is a quick fix that also synchronizes with your space seamlessly. A simple and charming DIY fix to brighten up your patio is to bring in a swinging bed. You could either install it onto the ceiling or choose one that has a supporting beam. Accentuate the swing bed with colorful throws for a royal or chic look!

If you are looking for a design for your patio, and have run out of ideas, fret not! Reach out to Gardenworks – one of the best and most reliable Sonoma County landscaping companies you can hire. Our designers and architects have years of experience, and will gladly help you transform your patio into a warm and homely haven – just how you like it!


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