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Preparing for a Drier Future

The California Landscape Contractors Association has published a set of recommendations that are intended to help you conserve water, and help plan for how dry conditions affect your landscaping.

Preparing for a Drier Future

  1. State Mandate - reduction (per capita) of 20% by 2020

  2. Water WILL cost more

  3. Focus on sustainability

  4. Use new irrigation technology

Reduce Landscape Water Use

  1. Check for leaks and repair

  2. Incorporate new technology

  3. Learn to read water meter

  4. Program timer efficiently and run multiple cycles

  5. Mulch

  6. Minimize Evaporation

  7. Check Soil Moisture

  8. Avoid runoff on sidewalks

Optimizing 2-3 Day Watering

  1. Promote deeper watering

  2. Mow lawns higher

  3. Use Cycle/Soak method

  4. Use Greywater

  5. Minimize pruning

  6. Minimize fertilizing


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