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Should I Hire a Landscaper, Landscape Architect or Landscape Designer?

Are you thinking of giving your yard a makeover, but not sure about how to achieve it? What you need is a company that provides landscaping services in Sonoma County.  However, when researching for a professional to handle your landscaping needs, you may get a little confused. Your first thought is that you need to hire a landscaper, but you may actually need a landscape designer or a landscape architect. So how do you know which one to hire to create the landscape you desire? The answer is that you have to know the difference between these different landscaping professionals and choose the right one for the job at hand.

Landscaper: Landscapers are the professionals in the landscaping business who plant new trees, shrubs and other plants. They remove, replace and modify existing plants and materials, like mulch, seed a new lawn or install sod, and establish new planting beds. Some landscaping companies offer services like regular maintenance. If you do not want to rake leaves or mow your yard, landscapers are the professionals you hire.

Landscape Designer: These professionals often have nursery experience or horticulture backgrounds, and can renovate an existing landscape or design one for a new home. They will provide you with a blueprint for your yard, which indicates the optimal placement of everything on it, from plants to lighting or any other feature.

Landscape designers have training and qualification in the principles of garden design. They can help in making sure that you do not make expensive mistakes in your landscape, like planting the wrong plants in the wrong areas of your yard. They are the professionals you call when you want a fully integrated design for your landscape.

Landscape Architect: If your plans for your landscape need the lay of the land to be changed or if you are not 100% sure about what you want in your landscape, a landscape architect is the professional you should choose. They provide landscaping services in Sonoma County that involve custom projects or other large projects. However, many also do work on smaller yet complex projects. Landscape architects often have professional training or advanced education. If you want a custom landscape for your home, you should definitely get a landscape architect.

If you need professional Sonoma County landscaping services, there is one name you can trust – Gardenworks Inc. We provide the best in everything, no matter what your needs are. Call us at (707) 857-2050 to create the perfect landscape for your home.


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