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Simple Landscape Design Techniques that Benefit the Environment

Sustainable landscaping – also known as green or eco-landscaping – is a technique for designing, creating, and maintaining landscapes to save time, energy, and money. If you are an eco-conscious homeowner looking to improve your outdoor area, a sustainable landscaping design is an ideal choice for you. You can create the beautiful outdoor living space you desire while minimizing your environmental impact. With the right landscape designer in Sonoma County, you can get your dream outdoor area with green landscaping.

Best Eco-Friendly Landscape Design Techniques

Here are a few landscape design techniques that you can use to benefit the environment. They are simple and easy to implement.

Sustainable Vegetation: The trees and plants you choose for your outdoor area should reflect the overall theme of the design of your landscape while promoting sustainability at the same time. You should choose plants that are native and or adapted to your region, and do not need much maintenance to thrive. Keep the vegetation already in your area whenever possible, and possibly transplant it if you need to.

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Materials: To reduce the need for materials, a green landscaping design integrates fewer landscape features and more vegetation. However, most outdoor spaces still require walkways and drives. In such cases, you should choose untreated materials that are not dependent on natural resources for manufacturing. Gravel, mulch, or crushed brick, and other porous materials are great as they encourage drainage. You can also use hedges and shrubbery to replace walls and fences.

No Chemicals: You want your yard to flourish, and you can do it without using harmful pesticides and herbicides loaded with chemicals. Nature has a way of taking care of itself, so contrary to what manufacturers say; you do not regularly need these products. You can maintain your yard without using chemicals that do more harm than good in the long run. There are many natural ways to maintain your outdoor space, and keep it looking beautiful. Nurturing your soils, using the appropriate plants, and applying the correct amount of water as needed go a long way in sustaining your garden areas without introducing synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Landscaping is an important part of keeping your home looking beautiful and well-maintained. With sustainable landscaping, you can achieve this while doing your bit for the benefit of the environment. To use the best landscaping design techniques that benefit the environment, seek the help of Gardenworks Inc., the top landscape designer in Sonoma County. We have a team of expert landscape designers who have dozens of ideas up their sleeves to transform your yard into an idyllic haven within your budget.


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