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Sonoma County Landscaping Companies

There are many landscaping companies in Sonoma County to choose from, but each one has its own set of services and amount of experience. Some landscapers do work on the side or have started up recently. These businesses may pop up or disappear within a matter of weeks at any given point. The best landscaping companies are licensed as required by law, have years of experience and know the best methods for long-lasting dependability and beauty for any job you need. They don’t disappear weeks later, and they have shown that they are successful and plan to be around for a long time. If they have over 30 years of experience, they have a lot of knowledge to prevent:

  1. Eroded soil situations

  2. Dead plants

  3. Leaning retaining wallsLess experienced landscapers are still learning from the jobs that they’ve done.

More than Just Gardeners and Ground MaintainersMost people think that all landscapers do is:

  1. Install and maintain flowers and shrubs

  2. Blow leaves around

  3. Install mulch

  4. Mow the lawnHowever, good Sonoma County landscaping companies will offer other services to make your outdoor living space look magnificent, including:

  5. Retaining walls

  6. Sidewalks

  7. Decks

  8. Patios

  9. Pergolas

  10. Fences

  11. Shade structures

  12. Irrigation systems

  13. Landscape lighting

  14. Landscape water management

  15. Appropriate horticulture practices

  16. Integrated Pest ManagementRather than hunting for different contractors for various outdoor living space services, you can have one source to handle almost everything. Quality landscapers offer plenty of options, designs, products, and suggestions.

Landscape Construction

Experience Is ImportantSonoma County landscaping companies may offer to level or maintain your land and keep the grass and garden looking great, but landscape construction is something a good company provides. You may want to create a new garden area full of rocks, décor and plants, or you may desire a pergola, patio or privacy fence. Maintaining landscapes is one thing, but designing and building is another. Quality Sonoma County landscaping companies like Gardenworks Inc. offer extended services you can count on. For more information on our Sonoma County landscaping services, call Gardenworks Inc. at (707) 433-7368 today!


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