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The Best Sonoma County Landscapers

Gardenworks Inc., Sonoma County landscapers in Healdsburg, emphasizes sustainable gardens and water conservation. Drought conditions in Northern California have influenced landscape design by incorporating more native plants that require less water. This concept also highlights native plants and other climate-appropriate plants used to create dramatic landscapes and gardens for homes, apartment communities, and commercial buildings. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are limited to providing healthy yards and grounds.

Natural bug repellents

Many plants that grow well in this area repel mosquitoes and other bothersome insects. Gardenworks recommends using Citrus, lemon verbena, mint, anise, and other fragrant plants that, when crushed, contain natural elements that can repel mosquitos. These can be used for gardens and borders. Some, like Lemon Verbena, can be used as a flavoring for homemade ice cream.

Water management

Gardenworks includes a water management division that creates gardens using efficient watering systems. Water use is monitored for private and commercial landscaping in keeping with state and local restrictions.  Watering budgets can be made for any property. Landscape irrigation designs for homes and commercial buildings are created to prevent unnecessary water runoff from sprinkler systems. Irrigation systems are developed to carefully supply water to plantings using a timer program that matches the rate at which water is applied with the amount of water the soil can intake. Water may be automatically turned on and off for a short period several times a day. The water is absorbed into the soil to feed plantings and not wasted in the streets. Water features, including streams, fish ponds, and waterfalls, are incorporated into landscaping in accordance with conservation requirements. Most water features re-circulate water through the element.

Design, construction and lighting

Professional landscape designers and Landscape Architect work with clients at Gardenworks to create a landscape that complements the home or building. Trellis, fountains, decks, walkways and walls and many other amenities are part of the design process. Construction includes planters, sports courts, pool decks and lighting. Rough rocks, bricks, wood and stonework are incorporated into the design. Lighting is an important part of landscaping. Grounds should be beautiful at night and provide safe walkways to homes or building. Gardenworks designers are expert at finding the right lights sources to illuminate trees, water elements, pathways and other areas. Gardenworks also has a landscape maintenance program for homes and commercial building grounds. For more information, call Gardenworks Inc., the leading Sonoma County landscapers, at (707) 433-7368.


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