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The Best Water Feature Ideas for Your Garden

When designing a new garden or refreshing an existing one, everything lies in the details. It takes a lot more than just planting, building, and hauling dirt to make your garden look mesmerizing. If you are looking for ideas that are sure to make your garden stand out, you might consider water features. After all, they are creative, give out a relaxing and soothing sound, and are the ideal pick no matter what your garden looks like. Here are a few aesthetic water feature ideas from Gardenworks, a reputed landscaping services in Healdsburg.

Simple and Uncomplicated Fountains

If you do not want to go overboard with your water feature ideas, prefabricated fountains are a great way to go about it. The shape of your waterscape may not matter when you are thinking of putting in these types. The sound of dropping water are relaxing and the fountain can also attract wildlife, especially avian life.

The Running River Feature

Natural creek types of water features are robustly constructed, take up some space, and are among the costliest but bringing a Sierra mountain stream into your backyard may be worth it.

An Attractive Fish Pond

If you possess an existing landscape, you can seamlessly incorporate a pond into it. This is particularly true with pond liners. Some smaller kits can be installing over a weekend. All you need to do is excavate a hole, add some burlap or other material to protect the bottom of the liner as well as sand, install the pond liners, add in some decorative rock, and a water fountain kit. You will also need an electrical source for pumps and lighting and a water source for filling/adding water. After an examination by a trained engineer or electrician, an electrical safety report is produced as an official document.

A Lake-like Effect

With a little landscaping overhaul, big ponds or even existing ones can be improved and spiced up a bit. Replace your muddy banks with a pleasant wooden deck overlook that you can enjoy every day of the year. Putting rocks in the mix helps with erosion, offers stability to the soil, and prevents the water from becoming silty. Aeration and water movement is important in larger ponds and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Inventive Stepping Stones

If you are one of the fortunate ones, and you already have a natural water feature, try to think unconventionally when incorporating it into your landscape design. For instance, instead of building a bridge, you can put in a large path stone spanning the water for a more attractive appeal.

No matter what water feature you opt for when you place your trust in us, you are ensured only the best. Gardenworks is a team of professionals who offer inventive and seamless landscaping services in Healdsburg. Call us today at 707-857-2050!


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