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The Migration of the 100-year Sago Palm

A lucky Sago Palm finds a new home with a little help from Robin See, Kim Fiori and Gardenworks. Healdsburg residents Robin See and Kim Fiori recently sold their rental house on Grant Street. They wanted to make sure that the 100-year old palm went to a good home in a place where everyone could enjoy it, so they decided on the Healdsburg Carnegie Museum. Fiori and See contacted Gardenworks and asked if we would donate our time to remove and replant the palm. Jay Tripathi and Peter Estournes enthusiastically agreed. We couldn’t let a beauty like this go to waste. The Gardenworks crew showed up on site and the move got underway. A few hours later after a delicate removal process, the wrapped palm tree began its cross-town journey. The tree was finally planted, unwrapped, and spread its fronds in its new home at the Healdsburg Museum. Pups from this large Sago Palm were removed and we are anxiously awaiting the emergence of new fronds.


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