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The Power of 3D Landscape Modeling

3D movies, phones, televisions, and video games are becoming far more prevalent in the market place and some say it is the future of entertainment. Recently I have seen a few 3D movies with my kids and I would argue that at least one of those movies would have been better without 3D. I began to think about this in parallel with how 3D modeling can be used as a tool for better conveying a landscape designs. Looking at a landscape on a flat piece of paper and trying to visualize what that would look like can be quite difficult for some. With a more complex project this visualization is difficult for most…sometimes even designers. 3D models of exterior living spaces can benefit the design process on many levels which is why Gardenworks is now offering this service. Advantages:

  1. Visualize your concept and idea before it is built.  See how the finished project will look before committing to the design.

  2. Easily decide on materials, colors, and textures for your project.

  3. Quick turn around on your design. As with the 3D movies I have recently seen, 3D modeling is not for every project and not for every client. Please let us know if you would like a 3D model built for your next project.


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